2019  ⏷

September 2019: Feature Articles

  • Constructive CCTV contributions to research
  • TAPA conference 2019 explores layered approach to security
  • Managing staff effectively
  • Security workforce compliance tool
  • Call back the past
  • Ensuring a seamless ultra-wideband ecosystem

August 2019: Feature Articles

  • Addressing risks in the healthcare sector
  • Local manufacturing – challenges and opportunities
  • Patient critical – healthcare’s cybersecurity pulse
  • Cyber tools and solutions
  • Why rehearsals and drills for crises and evacuation are so important
  • Choosing the right fire detection system

July 2019: Feature Articles

  • Advanced integration and performance with NUUO
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • You can’t isolate, so integrate
  • Data protection more challenging
  • Four essential cloud security concepts
  • Social media and intelligence-led surveillance

June 2019: Feature Articles

  • Unintended consequences of ­technology
  • Where are your crown jewels?
  • Changing of the guard, AI style
  • A platform to the future
  • Managing visitors effectively and responsibly
  • Foresight means secure offices

May 2019: Feature Articles

  • Platforms and community lead the future
  • 30 years of business continuity
  • The consequences of false alerts
  • The enemy within – insider ­security threats
  • Protecting people’s money, and their data
  • Access authentication with a wave
  • The benefits of background screening
  • Does your control room add value?
  • Intruder detection is becoming smarter and more mobile

Securex Preview 2019: Feature Articles

  • Securex Preview 2019

April 2019: Feature Articles

  • ASIS Security Technology Concepts day
  • Securing a reliable source of backup power
  • The value of having a maintenance contract or SLA
  • Is everything-as-a-service worth it?
  • Watching the game
  • More than locking the door
  • Securing farms takes a multi-­layered approach
  • Wide-area surveillance on estates, farms and other large properties
  • Visible light facial recognition

March 2019: Feature Articles

  • SAIDSA celebrates 50-year anniversary
  • Ideal operating temperature?
  • Halt, who goes there?
  • Using security to enhance the customer experience?
  • Intelligent video transforms the ­in-store experience
  • Where guards and technology meet
  • Two-way radio is alive and well
  • Enabling smarter cash handling solutions
  • IoT is convergence in action
  • Stop hacking of access control ­systems

February 2019: Feature Articles

  • Security systems and technical support
  • 2019 cybersecurity crystal ball
  • Now look here!
  • Trends for 2019
  • Surviving the new norm
  • The value of adopting TAPA’s warehousing standard
  • Benefits of a voice alarm system
  • Seven resources every asset management solution should have