2021  ⏷

Issue 2 2021: Feature Articles

  • Integrated facilities management solutions
  • Dealing with farm attacks
  • Enhancing control room effectiveness
  • Honeywell and IDEMIA announce strategic alliance
  • Platform-based access management solution
  • Rage against the machines?
  • Securex, A-OSH & Facilities Management Expo rescheduled for November 2021
  • Smart healthcare
  • Suprema BioStar 2 acquires data protection certifications

Residential Security Handbook 2021: Smart Estate Living : Feature Articles

  • Dahua Technology unveils plans in its 2021 core product launch
  • Activity, community, independence and security
  • Biometrics in the residential estate market
  • Delivering security to specifications
  • Ensuring your security service performs
  • Integrated estate management for optimal results
  • Integrated visitor management
  • It’s finally here!
  • Optimising guarding through technology
  • Smart safety technology that’s connected
  • The benefits of integrated systems
  • The value of the intelligent perimeter

Issue 1 2021: Feature Articles

  • Elvey offers Ajax smart, connected intruder solutions
  • Beyond recognising faces
  • COVID-19 fuels app modernisation
  • FortiGuard labs reports disruptive shift of cyber threats
  • Hybrid networks and how we can secure them
  • Improving the intrusion industry
  • Reset. Reboot. Redefine Business 2021.
  • The sustenance of job creation during a digital evolution epoch
  • Three key areas for zero-trust access
  • Top ten security industry trends in 2021
  • Trust but monitor: secure access in COVID times
  • Why you want to ‘pot’ your access equipment

Access & Identity Management Handbook 2021: Feature Articles

  • Touch-free face recognition for access control
  • ACaaS: The services model
  • Contactless identification
  • Face recognition: the good, the bad and the not-so-pretty
  • Integration and intelligence
  • Looking ahead
  • Moving to mobile
  • No hackers!
  • Open standards in access control
  • Secure access control installations
  • The best DJ in biometrics
  • The COVID effect
  • The future of face recognition
  • Which biometric will dominate?
  • Wireless access at The Leonardo

2020  ⏷

Issue 9 2020: Feature Articles

  • Choosing the right biometric technology in the new normal
  • Factors affecting the success of criminal and disciplinary cases
  • Four tips to keep the lights on during load shedding
  • Knowledge sharing in the medical field
  • Mitigating the human risk in cybersecurity
  • Product Highlights of the Year 2020
  • Supporting human operations
  • When not just any battery will do
  • Why security integration is important

Issue 8 2020: Feature Articles

  • Communication in any situation
  • Implementing low dosage full body X-ray systems
  • Impossible is only an opinion
  • Retail solutions beyond security
  • The year resilience paid off
  • Wearable access technology
  • Why frictionless needs to be the new normal in retail

Issue 7 2020: Feature Articles

  • Forbatt SA invests in South Africa’s security industry
  • An exciting journey in security
  • Technology in the supply chain
  • The new training normal

CCTV Handbook 2020: Feature Articles

  • Evaluating AI technologies for control room operations
  • So tell me about your monitoring control room
  • The arms race of AI in cybersecurity
  • The future of open standards
  • The future of the VMS
  • The impact of AI on surveillance
  • The new operator
  • Throwing light on low-light technology

Issue 6 2020: Feature Articles

  • Flexible temperature screening options for challenging times
  • Enhance security with wireless verification
  • Leaders in risk & security: Honesty and no BS!
  • Long-range perimeter protection
  • Overview of contactless identification technologies
  • What, how and why of security

Issue 5 2020: Feature Articles

  • Hochiki Europe’s L@titude system distributed by XtraVision
  • Key criteria in the selection of CCTV control room operators
  • Leaders in risk and security: As long as there are people, there will be risk
  • Mitigating the human risk
  • XProtect available on AWS

Residential Estate Security Handbook 2020: Feature Articles

  • Catching the intruder vibes
  • Focus on touchless biometrics
  • Granting visitor access securely
  • Local or remote management
  • More efficient guarding through the effective use of technology
  • Protecting your electrical equipment
  • Residential Estate Security Conference 2020
  • Thermal continues to evolve

Issue 4 2020: Feature Articles

  • Accurate temperature detection with thermal cameras
  • Coping with COVID-19
  • Industrial fire safety
  • Leaders in risk & security: Assessing threat, risk and vulnerability
  • Milestone forges ahead globally and in Africa
  • Operational Risk Convergence: The new frontier
  • Post lockdown implications for crime rates
  • Post-Coronavirus communications: kick start your small business
  • Smart is the new black
  • Why Deep Learning can revolutionise video surveillance

Issue 3 2020: Feature Articles

  • Driving success in turbulent times
  • Financing for the systems integrator
  • Four financial risks for the future
  • Integrating security with financial operations
  • Leaders in risk & security: Yesterday’s achievement, tomorrow’s standard
  • Round table: Secure identification and authentication
  • Secure identification and authentication
  • The end of blind alarms
  • The future of biometrics
  • The impact of the COVID-19 virus on security
  • Your partner in contemporary business continuity

Issue 2 2020: Feature Articles

  • #SecurityMustPrevail
  • Africa, you’ve been phished
  • Converged security plus operational benefits
  • Fire safety critical in healthcare
  • Leaders in risk and security - To succeed in security: keep learning
  • Redefining retail and the supply chain
  • Secure vehicle access in residential estates
  • The importance of effective SLAs
  • Why is CCTV failing?

Issue 1 2020: Feature Articles

  • Do wireless networks meet modern surveillance demands?
  • Leaders in risk and security: You have to know it to manage it
  • Seven key trends for 2020
  • The move to services and RMR
  • Traffic doesn’t have to be this way
  • Trends 2020

Access & Identity Management Handbook 2020: Feature Articles

  • A picture spoofs a thousand cameras
  • A smarter way to manage access
  • Biometrics in identity
  • Border crossing and national identification
  • Looking ahead with mobile access technologies
  • The security of biometrics