2000  ⏷

December 2000: Feature Articles

  • Business guide to continuity management.
  • Guide to CCTV recording media - Part 2
  • Neuraloptics - a highly intelligent perimeter intrusion detection system
  • School management system
  • State-of-the-art digital security systems the way forward
  • Ten secrets of management

November 2000: Feature Articles

  • Electric locks unbeatable says Abloy
  • Enterprise-critical video systems
  • How digital fingerprint system will beat criminals
  • Mini Defence Symposium 2000 - a Hi-Tech exclusive
  • TETRA - a new dimension to professional mobile communication
  • The difference between indoor and outdoor VMDs
  • Transponders improve automotive security
  • Using feedback to enhance performance
  • Vehicle tracking into the 21st century - beating the car bandits

June 2000: Feature Articles

  • Corporate counterintelligence - the importance of TSCM
  • DNA Sensormatic talks about its urban surveillance expertise
  • IBO-DATA, making your security a personal business
  • The convergence of digital technology and its influence on CCTV and security - Part 1 0f 2

May 2000: Feature Articles

  • Entrance technology - the security dilemma
  • Giving X-rays a third dimension
  • Smartcard trends: 1999 reviewed - 2000 previewed
  • The role of Tetra technology in South Africa's Public safety market

March/April 2000: Feature Articles

  • Data, not hardware, is a company's most valuable asset
  • Elevating the status of security managers - the evolution of a discipline
  • How digital signal processing is improving outdoor intrusion detection
  • Integrated security management systems - the benefits and pitfalls
  • Sensormatic Distribution launches its new digital time-lapse video recorder the Intergra
  • The latest technologies for eliminating nuisence alarms in fire detection applications
  • The repair workshop