2013  ⏷

November 2013: Feature Articles

  • Achieving assured authentication in the digital age
  • Adaptive IR technology
  • Analysing video analytics
  • Diving into IP surveillance?
  • Efficient utilisation of a guard force
  • Giving a voice to evacuation systems
  • The critical relationship between CCTV operators and response ­officials

October 2013: Feature Articles

  • A revolution at the door
  • Aspirating smoke detection in industrial environments – Part 3
  • Built-in IR illumination in Axis’ cameras
  • Integration in a box
  • Logistically secure and operationally efficient
  • Security you can bank on
  • The question of maintenance
  • Top 10 cloud surveillance challenges
  • Who’s carrying the can?

Access & Identity Management Handbook 2014

September 2013: Feature Articles

  • Aspirating smoke detection in industrial environments
  • Challenges for very early warning smoke detection
  • Controlling risks in industrial and manufacturing plants
  • Not your neighbour's WiFi
  • RFID lockers in education
  • South Africa is ripe for fingerprint biometrics
  • Standardising the standards
  • The fight for fire standards
  • The technicalities of fire
  • Wireless improves market share

August 2013: Feature Articles

  • A thin line between success and failure
  • Aspirating smoke detection in industrial environments
  • Dump the DVR, or not?
  • DVR/NVR Selection Guide
  • Healing fraud in healthcare
  • IFSEC SA 2013 a winner
  • Packaging risk
  • Purpose-built storage
  • Yale-New Haven Hospital

July 2013: Feature Articles

  • Five years of serving the trade
  • Cisco can teach the old school a trick or two
  • Identity without compromise
  • Installing and managing your IP network
  • Milestone’s secret weapon is its ecosystem
  • The complex cloud security conundrum
  • Using security technology to ­improve the bottom line
  • V&A Waterfront surveillance is a security winner

June 2013: Feature Articles

  • A closer look at PSIM
  • A mine of information, or not?
  • Integrator skills and contracts
  • It’s all happening at IFSEC SA 2013
  • Surveillance in desert conditions

May 2013: Feature Articles

  • ANPR: Are you getting value?
  • Consulting services for BMS
  • If you build a BMS, will they install?
  • iLegal Conference 2013
  • Keeping cash safe
  • Local is lekker the world over
  • Local manufacturing by the numbers
  • Replacing store guards with CCTV
  • Shopping for the right security solutions
  • Video analysis from the ­user’s point of view

April 2013: Feature Articles

  • Getting the most out of security consultants
  • Preparation, expectation and ­authentication is key
  • Return on investment (ROI) of your CCTV system
  • Securing large commercial facilities
  • Visitor management central to security

March 2013: Feature Articles

  • Business risks in 2013
  • Effective integrated security solutions
  • Identity and access governance unfurled
  • Location-free control rooms
  • Securing complex sites since 1929
  • Visibility, control and efficiency of operations
  • Where on earth are my assets?

CCTV Handbook 2013

February 2013: Feature Articles

  • iLegal 2013 set for March
  • Centralised county surveillance
  • Copper theft on SA's mines
  • Doing city surveillance right
  • Human or machine?
  • Sustainable fire suppression
  • Technical essentials for video surveillance systems
  • The evolution of technology
  • The road to convergence
  • The security market in 2013

January 2013: Feature Articles

  • iLegal 2013 set for March
  • As safe as houses?
  • Campus security remains a complex issue
  • Cyber security in 2013
  • Product highlights of 2012
  • Security in home automation
  • Security trends for 2013
  • Specifying and selecting video surveillance systems
  • The big five in estate security