Enhanced cellular connectivity is critical for farm safety
Issue 8 2023, Agriculture (Industry)
In South Africa, the safety of our rural communities, particularly on farms, is a pressing concern. Nearly 32% of South Africa’s 60 million people live in these areas, where security challenges are constantly in the spotlight.

All aspects of data protection
Issue 8 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Information Security, AI & Data Analytics
SMART Security Solutions spoke to Kate Mollett, Senior Director, Commvault Africa, about the company and its evolution from a backup specialist to a full data protection specialist, as well as the latest announcements from the company.

Revolutionising networking technology for the future
Issue 7 2023, IoT & Automation
[Sponsored] In the fast-evolving landscape of networking technology, RUCKUS Networks stands out as a trailblazer, offering innovative solutions that redefine connectivity experiences across various industries.

Edge could help transform South Africa’s healthcare
Issue 8 2023, Axis Communications SA
Edge computing has emerged as a game-changing technology for many industries, and the healthcare sector is no exception. In particular, South Africa’s healthcare industry could significantly benefit from the potential of this technology.

Cloud platform for cyber resilience in the hybrid enterprise
Issue 7 2023
The Commvault Cloud brings together data protection, security, intelligence, and recovery on one platform, offering AI capabilities to defeat cyber threats, and includes integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

Rapid rise in DNS attacks drives demand for new approach
Issue 7 2023, Risk Management & Resilience
As ransomware grows more sophisticated and DNS attacks become more frequent, businesses are increasingly trying to protect themselves by adopting innovative approaches and technologies to bolster the integrity and security of their backup systems.

Majority of South African companies concerned about cloud security
Issue 7 2023, Information Security
Global and local businesses share a common concern when it comes to cloud security. 95% of global businesses and 89% of local businesses are concerned about the security of public clouds.

Consolidated cybersecurity management
Issue 7 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Information Security
SMART Security Solutions spoke to Gareth Redelinghuys, Country Managing Director, African Cluster at Trend Micro, to find out what makes Trend stand out from the crowd and also its latest market offerings.

Access to data centre secured
Issue 7 2023, Suprema, Access Control & Identity Management
GBM required a modern access control system to increase the security of its facilities in a productive environment without affecting the operation of the offices and the data centre, which are carried out 24/7/365.

Africa’s growth lies on shoulders of renewable energy
Issue 7 2023, News & Events
The Africa Tech Festival from 13 to 16 November in Cape Town will unpack the challenges and discuss the pivotal role of sustainability & renewable energy in advancing technological development in Africa.

Commvault appoints Graham Brown as Channel Manager for South Africa/SADC
Issue 6 2023, News & Events
Commvault announced the appointment of industry veteran Graham Brown as Channel Manager for the South Africa/South African Development Community (SADC) region.

Five considerations when using AI
Issue 6 2023, AI & Data Analytics
Helm CEO, Dawood Patel, offers readers some insights and principles that should be considered by any organisation thinking about implementing an AI solution to leverage its power to shape a better future.

Does your data hygiene pass the cleanliness test?
Issue 6 2023, Information Security
In today’s data-driven world, where every click, swipe and tap generates a trail of data, the safeguarding of information is paramount. It’s no longer a case of paying a ransom, but rather defending against attacks by maintaining the hygiene of data.

The complexity of data sovereignty in a multi-polar world
Issue 6 2023
The importance of data sovereignty and security creates complexity in a world where sharing such information across borders generates huge social and economic benefits, says Andrew Cruise, Managing Director of Routed.

Securing the hybrid cloud is a balancing act
Issue 6 2023, Risk Management & Resilience
Advanced threat protection and overall cybersecurity management are often at the front and centre of an organisation’s approach to modernised cybersecurity, especially in hybrid cloud environments.

SA demand for managed services is growing
Issue 6 2023, News & Events
A new study commissioned by Cisco and conducted by Canalys shows South Africa’s IT channel partners increased their revenue from managed services by 17,7% in 2022, with EMEA growth set to be 12% by 2025.

The benefits of software-based deduplication for data optimisation
Issue 6 2023
Effective data management solutions are crucial as organisations struggle with increasing amounts of data. Software-based deduplication offers a promising way to revolutionise data optimisation.

Electronic Document Centre uses Synology
Issue 6 2023, Asset Management
Electronic Document Centre (EDC), a semi-government company operating under Emirates Post Group, opted for Synology to streamline its data management infrastructure. This decision has led to improved operational efficiency and enhanced collaboration.

BCX launches Africa Local Public Cloud
Issue 6 2023, Editor's Choice, News & Events
BCX, a digital systems integrator in South Africa, announced the launch of its Africa Local Public (ALP) Cloud service, which marks a significant stride in BCX's mission to deliver innovative technology solutions to businesses across the continent.

Rack-mounted, three-phase online UPS
Issue 6 2023, Security Services & Risk Management, Products & Solutions
The new Eaton 93PX 15-20 kVA UPS combines high efficiency with a compact footprint, lower TCO, and improved cybersecurity to provide stable power for critical IT, industrial, manufacturing, and medical applications.


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