AI & Data Analytics

Re-imagining business operations with the power of AI
March 2024, Surveillance
inq., a Convergence Partners company, has introduced a range of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to assist organisations across industry verticals in optimising business operations and improving internal efficiencies.

Future trends for electronic safety and security in mining
SMART Mining Security Solutions 2024, Fang Fences & Guards, Mining (Industry), Integrated Solutions
The mining industry is ever evolving, driven by technological advancements and the growing need for enhanced safety and security measures, with significant innovation seen in turnkey electronic security for mining operations.

Unlocking Africa's AI potential
March 2024, Editor's Choice, News & Events
Africa's AI market is set to grow exponentially; by investing in AI education, training, and ethical practices, African nations can harness the power of AI to transform the continent and create a brighter future for its people.

AI augmentation in security software
March 2024, Security Services & Risk Management
The integration of AI technology into security software has been met with resistance. In this, the second of two articles, Paul Meyer explores the challenges and obstacles that must be overcome to empower AI-enabled, human-centric decision-making.

Is voice biometrics in banking secure enough?
SMART Access & Identity 2024, Access Control & Identity Management
As incidents of banking fraud grow exponentially and become increasingly sophisticated, it is time to question whether voice banking is a safe option for consumers.

Access & identity expectations for 2024
SMART Access & Identity 2024, Technews Publishing, IDEMIA , ZKTeco, Gallagher, Salto Systems Africa, Regal Distributors SA, Reditron, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, Information Security
What does 2024 have in store for the access and identity industry? SMART Security Solutions asked several industry players for their brief thoughts on what they expect this year.

Unleash the full potential of AI at the edge
SMART Access & Identity 2024, Suprema, Access Control & Identity Management
Efficient AI algorithms, when embedded in edge access control devices, enable companies to optimise their use of AI and edge processing to deliver reliable and fast authentication.

More than 1 in 4 organisations banned GenAI
January 2024, Security Services & Risk Management
Cisco released its 2024 Data Privacy Benchmark Study, an annual review of key privacy issues and their impact on business. Considering International Data Privacy Day, the findings highlight the growing privacy concerns with GenAI, trust challenges facing organisations over their use of AI, and the attractive returns from privacy investment.

Milestone adopts G7 Code of Conduct for AI
January 2024, Milestone Systems, News & Events
Milestone Systems has decided to adopt and implement the G7 Code of Conduct for advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, becoming one of the first companies to do so.

Why 2024 will be the year of the AI Assistant
January 2024
Over the coming 12 months, generative AI will drive transformation across all industries, boosting efficiency and productivity. Tailoring and personalising customer interactions faster and at scale, workers are quickly realising the benefits.

Hikvision’s top seven trends for the security industry in 2024
January 2024, Hikvision South Africa, News & Events, Surveillance
As we embrace technological innovation, and adapt to evolving societal needs, we are witnessing the convergence of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data.

inq. SA unveils AI, IoT solutions for the digital age
January 2024, Surveillance
inq. has announced the launch of an extensive Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and the Edgedock data insights value proposition to transform business operations across various sectors.

Paving the way for a futuristic mining sector
January 2024, Mining (Industry)
The mining industry has witnessed a technological transformation through the adoption of digital twin models, virtual replicas of physical assets, processes, or systems that provide real-time, data-driven insights.

2024 Trends in Video Surveillance report
January 2024, Surveillance
AI in video surveillance tops Eagle Eye Networks 2024 trends report; this year’s list also includes affordable professional video monitoring, workplace security upgrades, licence-plate recognition for HOAs, and sustainable security.

Integrated transportation security
Issue 8 2023, Guardian Eye, Integrated Solutions, Logistics (Industry)
HG Travel installs an AI-powered camera system integrated across 115 vehicles throughout a fleet comprising 160 vehicles of different sizes, along with predictive and self-monitoring tools to track tyre condition, fuel consumption and theft, and overall vehicle maintenance.

Embracing next-generation surveillance for safer cities
Issue 8 2023, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions
With the South African government highlighting the importance of building smart cities by integrating advanced technologies to make them more resilient and liveable, the role of next-generation network video and surveillance technologies cannot be ignored.

A simple system for complex protection
Issue 8 2023, Surveillance, IoT & Automation
Reconeyez is a company that provides autonomous wireless visual verification systems with built-in artificial intelligence. Running on batteries, each device includes communication capabilities, creating a mesh network between the various devices, linking them to the control room.

Lock down your access control with Alcatraz AI
Issue 8 2023, C3 Shared Services, Healthcare (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management
Alcatraz AI, represented in South Africa by C3 Shared Services, changes access control by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and analytics at the edge, where facial recognition becomes the essential credential autonomously.

All aspects of data protection
Issue 8 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Information Security, Infrastructure
SMART Security Solutions spoke to Kate Mollett, Senior Director, Commvault Africa, about the company and its evolution from a backup specialist to a full data protection specialist, as well as the latest announcements from the company.

First telemedicine platform for South Africa
Issue 7 2023, Guardian Eye, Healthcare (Industry)
South African employees often struggle to receive timely, affordable, and accessible healthcare. The challenge for many healthcare initiatives within organisations is the melting pot of cultures.


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