AI & Data Analytics

Integrated transportation security
Issue 8 2023, Guardian Eye, Integrated Solutions, Logistics (Industry)
HG Travel installs an AI-powered camera system integrated across 115 vehicles throughout a fleet comprising 160 vehicles of different sizes, along with predictive and self-monitoring tools to track tyre condition, fuel consumption and theft, and overall vehicle maintenance.

Embracing next-generation surveillance for safer cities
Issue 8 2023, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions
With the South African government highlighting the importance of building smart cities by integrating advanced technologies to make them more resilient and liveable, the role of next-generation network video and surveillance technologies cannot be ignored.

A simple system for complex protection
Issue 8 2023, Surveillance, IoT & Automation
Reconeyez is a company that provides autonomous wireless visual verification systems with built-in artificial intelligence. Running on batteries, each device includes communication capabilities, creating a mesh network between the various devices, linking them to the control room.

Lock down your access control with Alcatraz AI
Issue 8 2023, C3 Shared Services, Healthcare (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management
Alcatraz AI, represented in South Africa by C3 Shared Services, changes access control by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and analytics at the edge, where facial recognition becomes the essential credential autonomously.

All aspects of data protection
Issue 8 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Information Security, Infrastructure
SMART Security Solutions spoke to Kate Mollett, Senior Director, Commvault Africa, about the company and its evolution from a backup specialist to a full data protection specialist, as well as the latest announcements from the company.

First telemedicine platform for South Africa
Issue 7 2023, Guardian Eye, Healthcare (Industry)
South African employees often struggle to receive timely, affordable, and accessible healthcare. The challenge for many healthcare initiatives within organisations is the melting pot of cultures.

Data quality essential in training ChatGPT
Issue 7 2023
Willem Conradie, CTO of PBT Group, reflects on the significant usage and adoption of ChatGPT, noting that the rise of ChatGPT has highlighted significant concerns, from biased outputs, question misinterpretation, inconsistent answers, lack of empathy, and security issues.

SAP turns every developer into a generative AI developer
Issue 7 2023
At the SAP TechEd event in 2023, SAP unveiled innovations in generative AI application development and vector database capabilities, as well as new learning opportunities for developers in the era of AI.

New T&A terminal features revolutionary AI technology
Issue 7 2023, Suprema, News & Events, Access Control & Identity Management
Suprema has launched BioStation 2a, the world’s first deep learning-based fingerprint recognition solution, providing powerful access control features and an improved ability to extract templates from low-quality fingerprints.

SA enterprises can benefit from AI-driven cybersecurity
Issue 7 2023, Information Security
Cybercrime is big business, and threat actors deploy cutting-edge tools to carry out attacks. Fortunately, cybersecurity is constantly evolving to meet and counter the threats they face.

Cisco Consumer Privacy Survey
Issue 6 2023, News & Events
Consumers are concerned about their privacy in relation to artificial intelligence; 60% have lost trust in organisations due to their AI use. Businesses can implement measures such as bias audits to regain consumer trust.

Five considerations when using AI
Issue 6 2023, Infrastructure
Helm CEO, Dawood Patel, offers readers some insights and principles that should be considered by any organisation thinking about implementing an AI solution to leverage its power to shape a better future.

Deploying genAI tools for defence
Issue 6 2023, Information Security
Inflation, digital and technology, and cyber risks have been identified as the top three risks being prioritised for mitigation over the next 12 months by organisations in South Africa, Africa and globally.

Four privacy risks in using ChatGPT for business
Issue 6 2023, Information Security
The growing integration of chatbots in the workplace prompts a crucial question: can they be entrusted with sensitive corporate data? Kaspersky researchers have identified four key risks associated with employing ChatGPT for business purposes.

Leveraging AI to boost security in SA
Issue 6 2023, Surveillance
By shifting data analysis and processing to the edge of a company’s network, decision-makers can ensure their remote offices can access real-time computing across multiple locations, supporting informed business decisions.

Accenture Technology Vision 2023
Issue 4 2023, Editor's Choice, News & Events
New report states that generative AI is expected to usher in a ‘bold new future’ for business, merging physical and digital worlds, transforming the way people work and live.

AIOps-driven cloud management
Issue 2/3 2023, Products & Solutions
Next generation of HPE Aruba Networking Central paves the way for the era of AI-powered network management; ‘Agile NaaS’ strategy simplifies delivery of critical network services via HPE GreenLake.

AI, risk management, and frameworks
SMART Mining Security Solutions 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management, Mining (Industry), Risk Management & Resilience
A risk management framework is a basic necessity to meet the always-evolving criminal war against mines, perpetrated by ruthless organised crime gangs that often are better informed and resourced than their targets.

Middle East & Africa will see fastest AI spending growth
Issue 2/3 2023, News & Events
Spending on artificial intelligence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), including Israel, will reach $3,0 billion in 2023, according to the latest Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC).

The factory of the future will be data-driven and AI optimised
Issue 2/3 2023, Industrial (Industry)
Moving AI to the manufacturing edge promises a lot of tantalising benefits, but it also poses some unique challenges that need to be overcome for manufacturing edge AI deployments to be successful.


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