Logistics (Industry)

Inventory management for SMEs
Issue 6 2021
Cquential has launched an inventory management system designed for smaller companies in multiple sectors, which can be purchased as a monthly service.

Fire safety in warehousing
Issue 6 2021, Technoswitch, Technews Publishing, Fire & Safety
Warehouses are generally large spaces with high ceilings, making them difficult to effectively protect from fire safety risks, especially when one wants to identify a fire in its initial stages and stop it before damages are incurred.

Unarmed guards are no longer an option
Issue 6 2021, Technews Publishing, Security Services & Risk Management
Criminals today are more violent than ever in carrying out their nefarious activities, and, in general, more organised and informed.

Early warning is essential
Issue 6 2021, Editor's Choice, Fire & Safety
The trend is for larger, taller and more flexible warehouse constructions with dense and complex racking systems and an increasing level of warehouse automation, which pose a number of challenges for fire safety.

Elite Truck Hire harnesses the power of information
Issue 6 2021, Transport (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management, Products
Elite Truck Hire launched a search for a specialist fleet management programme that led the company to FleetDomain, a member of the Argility Technology Group.

Transport and logistics challenges in turbulent times
Issue 6 2021, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, Transport (Industry)
Moving people and property safely and securely during these challenging times is a complex responsibility and technology is helping transport and logistics companies ensure operational continuity, facilitate uninterrupted movement and meet compliance requirements.

Confidence with cloud-based warehouse management
Issue 6 2021, Integrated Solutions, IT infrastructure
When companies rely on a dated warehouse management system (WMS) to run distribution centres, it’s not uncommon for the IT staff familiar with the system to move on.

Optimising the supply chain
Issue 6 2021, Transport (Industry), Integrated Solutions
VSC Solutions has joined forces with Frontline Market Research to augment its strategic supply chain optimisation services with route-to-market and territory expansion capabilities.

Technology to optimise logistics
Issue 6 2021, ZKTeco, Transport (Industry), Asset Management, EAS, RFID, Products
Solutions are required across the board to reduce the overall cost of logistics for increased competitiveness, allowing companies to compete on value addition rather than on price alone.

Supply chains, a new vulnerability for cyber-attacks
Issue 6 2021, Axis Communications SA, Transport (Industry), CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Asset Management, EAS, RFID
One popular route into a secured network is via the supply chain and history is not short of examples of successful cyberattacks that were achieved by this method.

Portfolio of integrated interfaces
Issue 5 2021, Dallmeier Electronic Southern Africa , CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Access Control & Identity Management, Fire & Safety
Dallmeier offers a new portfolio of integrated interfaces within the Hemisphere software platform, including fire, intrusion, access control and more.

Counting the cost of security
Issue 3 2021, News, Transport (Industry)
The cargo transportation industry is now experiencing far more orchestrated heists, with groups of up to 25 criminals going after one delivery vehicle.

Smarter manufacturing: what are the challenges?
Issue 9 2020
The manufacturing industry is on the cusp of a new digital-first era. Technology is changing everything from design to production.

Inventory on the move
Issue 7 2020
Europe’s ID Logistics has taken another step in the digitisation of its warehouses, incorporating Full Pallet Inventory (FPI), a technology developed by Zetes.

No downtime for transport security
Issue 7 2020, Secure Logistics, Technews Publishing
After a brief downturn in crime due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the transport sector is once again at the centre of a crime spree.

Warehouse security and the pandemic
Issue 7 2020, Technews Publishing
The warehousing industry is under intense attack from organised, armed criminal syndicates following the lockdown.

Technology in the supply chain
Issue 7 2020
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asks how technology is impacting and changing the ways in which supply chains function?

Learn from their mistakes
1 October 2019, Asset Management, EAS, RFID
One of the cardinal rules of business is to learn from the mistakes you make during your journey, but sometimes another company’s error can be just as instructive.

Active cargo tracking units growth
1 June 2019, Asset Management, EAS, RFID
The number of active tracking devices deployed for cargo loading units including trailers, intermodal containers, rail freight wagons, air cargo containers, cargo boxes and pallets reached 6.1 million world-wide in 2018.

TAPA 2019 conference: A layered approach to cargo security
1 April 2019, TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association), Technews Publishing, News, Conferences & Events
   26 July 2019 Emperors Palace, Gauteng TAPA members: no charge (maximum of three delegates per member company) Non-TAPA members: R1780 excl VAT. The South African chapter of the Transported Asset ...


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