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Real-time physical threat detection solution
Scylla is an AI-based security solution based on unique, proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning that helps mines proactively manage security.


Key concepts in lithium-ion batteries
SafeQuip, a distributor of fire-related equipment, sheds light on common terms associated with lithium-ion batteries to ensure safety and prevent unnecessary fire emergencies.


Fire safety in mining
Clinton Hodgson, Head of the Industrial Fire & Life Safety Division at FS Systems International, provides SMART Security Solutions with his insights into fire safety risks and solutions as they pertain to the mining industry.


A long career in mining security
Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management, Mining (Industry)

Nash Lutchman recently retired from a security and law enforcement career, initially as a police officer, and for the past 16 years as a leader of risk and security operations in the mining industry.
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Five efficiency strategies for your security installation business
Securex South Africa , News & Events

A recent conversation with one Securex South Africa 2024 exhibitor, led to the event organisers being able to share some advice on helping security installers make their businesses more efficient.
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Cyber insurance a key component in cyber defence strategies
Information Security

[Sponsored] Cyber insurance has become a key part of South African organisations’ risk reduction strategies, driven by the need for additional financial protection and contingency plans in the event of a cyber incident.
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5G network slicing
Mining (Industry)

This white paper from IDEMIA discusses network slicing in 5G networks and how this enables private networks to virtualise their network to optimally handle different networking demands, from critical communications to IoT.
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Streamlining security operations in the financial industry
Secutel Technologies, Products & Solutions

In the banking and financial industry, false alarms can lead to significant financial implications and operational disruptions for security companies. Unnecessary responses to high-risk commercial sites with valuable assets can result in costly mistakes and inefficiencies.
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Hexagon rebrands Qognify
News & Events

Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division announced that Qognify has officially adopted the Hexagon corporate identity and fully integrated into the division as the physical security business unit.
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Ensuring effective communications on mines
Global Communications , Mining (Industry)

In an age where effective communication serves as the cornerstone of operational success, Global Communications has several high-quality communications technology solutions tailored to meet the demanding needs of the mining sector.
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A constant armed struggle
Technews Publishing, XtraVision, Editor's Choice, Integrated Solutions, Mining (Industry), IoT & Automation

SMART Security Solutions asked a few people involved in servicing mines to join us for a virtual round table and give us their insights into mine security today. A podcast of the discussion will be released shortly-stay tuned.
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The role of technology in mining safety and environmental protection
Mining (Industry)

In recent years, South African mining safety legislation has made strides towards incorporating the use of, and reliance on, technology – but this does not come without its own challenges.
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Digital transformation in mines
NEC XON, Technews Publishing, Mining (Industry)

Digital transformation has been hyped to death, but is a reality all companies in all industries need to address, including the mining sector. BCX and NEC XON weigh in on the challenges mines face.
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Directory of Product and Solution Suppliers
Mining (Industry)

The Directory of Product and Solution Suppliers for the mining industry includes the details of companies that provide products, advice and services to the mining sector, primarily, but not limited to the areas of security and risk.
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Fewer cameras, less infrastructure, more security
Dallmeier Electronic Southern Africa , Mining (Industry)

Panomera cameras Panomera cameras capture rear, middle, and foreground image areas with uniform high resolution by combining multiple lenses and sensors with varying focal lengths into a single optical unit.
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NECRT units supplied to copper mine in the DRC
Mining (Industry)

ACTOM Distribution Transformers recently secured an order for the supply of its Neutral Electromagnetic Couplers with Earthing Resistors and an Auxiliary Transformer (NECRT) to Kamoa Copper Mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
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Reliable underground communications
Halo Technology, Mining (Industry)

Halo Technology is the distributor for UQOMM in Africa and has 30 authorised resellers throughout the continent. This network will ensure efficient support ensuring that clients will have no difficulty with installations and maintenance.
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Cybersecurity in mining
Technews Publishing, Mining (Industry)

One does not usually associate mining with cybersecurity, but as big technology users (including some legacy technology that was not designed for cyber risks), mines are at risk from cyber threats in several areas.
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Perimeter and open spaces protection
XtraVision, Mining (Industry)

SMART Security Solutions spoke to Nick Grange and Theuns van Schalkwyk from XtraVision about its perimeter solution, one that has been applied in mines (and other industries) in Africa and South America.
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Centralised data management saves lives
Mining (Industry)

The mining sector has not escaped the move toward digitalisation, but the nature of the industry means that it faces multiple challenges when it comes to managing, protecting and storing data.
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Optimising safety and security in mining
Gallagher, Mining (Industry)

Mining operations are some of the most critical and hazardous industrial activities, with a range of risks. To address these, access control, and integrated security solutions are critically important in protecting people and assets.
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Data security and privacy in global mobility
Security Services & Risk Management, Information Security

Data security and privacy in today’s interconnected world is of paramount importance. In the realm of global mobility, where individuals and organisations traverse borders for various reasons, safeguarding sensitive information becomes an even more critical imperative.
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EasyLogic building management system
Facilities & Building Management

The EasyLogic range is designed for basic heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications and includes an integrated network of controllers, providing improved installation efficiency and energy use such as plant room and terminal units.
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Key and asset management for mining
Traka Africa, Mining (Industry)

Traka specialises in intelligent management solutions for keys and equipment, helping organisations control their important assets, improving productivity and accountability, and reducing risk in critical processes.
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Container conversions for access control
BoomGate Systems, Mining (Industry)

The container conversions available from Boomgate Systems offers instant onsite secure access control points for industries and applications such as mines and remote locations where construction projects might be underway.
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The future of access control is mobile
HID Global, Mining (Industry)

The growing popularity of trusted ecosystems of cloud-connected access control devices, applications and trusted mobile identities has made mobile access easier to adopt than ever.
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Enhancing overall access control
Turnstar Systems, Mining (Industry)

Turnstar’s Titan turnstile offers high security physical access control, which can be integrated with advanced technologies to prevent unauthorised entry to mining facilities.
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Sales basics for security installers
News & Events

Being the best security business in South Africa means little if no one uses your services. Your business success is only partly linked to how good you are at security installations.
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Eight MP dome for harsh environments
Axis Communications SA, Surveillance, Products & Solutions

Axis Communications announced a marine-grade stainless steel camera that offers performance in harsh environments. Enclosed in an electropolished stainless steel casing, it can withstand the corrosive effects of seawater and cleaning chemicals.
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AI-driven identity verification for access control
C3 Shared Services, Editor's Choice

Facial authentication solutions combine advanced AI and 3D sensing technologies with ease of use to create a frictionless, touchless experience. The deployment of this technology in an access control system keeps users and administration moving.
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Tips and tools for trade businesses
News & Events, Training & Education

ServCraft brings together trade industry associations and corporations to launch blox, a digital content platform and community impacting lives, businesses and industries across hundreds of thousands of trade business SMEs.
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Research labs secured with STid Mobile ID
Access Control & Identity Management

When NTT opened its research centre in Silicon Valley, it was looking for a high-security expert capable of protecting the company’s sensitive data. STid readers and mobile ID solutions formed part of the solution.
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Cloud-based access for finance
Secutel Technologies, Access Control & Identity Management

Experience a new level of secure access control with NOKEY, tailored for banking environments, ATM cubicles, and safeguarded spaces. The cloud-based system offers effortless administration, control, and access management.
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PSiRA Introduces the printing of certificates as an interim measure
PSiRA (Private Security Ind. Regulatory Authority), News & Events, Security Services & Risk Management, Associations

[Sponsored Content] The introduction of digital certificates was welcomed by the security industry; however, it also led to the exploitation of unsuspecting clients by third parties who print certificates at exorbitant fees.
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Different fences for different farmers
Gallagher, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Agriculture (Industry)

Far beyond the simple delineation of boundaries, fencing serves as a dynamic solution to address various needs, from ensuring the security of farms and protecting livestock to defining property lines and enhancing aesthetic appeal.
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Solar: renting vs. buying
Power Management

Understanding the differences between owning and renting a solar system becomes essential as we navigate the landscape where cost-saving and uninterrupted power supply meet environmental consciousness.
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Enhanced cellular connectivity is critical for farm safety
Infrastructure, Agriculture (Industry)

In South Africa, the safety of our rural communities, particularly on farms, is a pressing concern. Nearly 32% of South Africa’s 60 million people live in these areas, where security challenges are constantly in the spotlight.
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The song remains the same
Sophos, Information Security

Sophos report found that telemetry logs were missing in nearly 42% of the attack cases studied. In 82% of these cases, cybercriminals disabled or wiped out the telemetry to hide their tracks.
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