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Control from anywhere
From the flexibility of managing security from any location to the convenience of using a smart phone in place of an access card, Gallagher delivers user-friendly technology, underpinned by the strongest security.


Multiple credential options
Suprema announced the launch of the X-Station 2, a versatile intelligent terminal with credential options of mobile access, QR and barcodes as well as RFID cards and PIN.


Multi-imager with built-in AI
Bosch has introduced a multi-imager camera with built-in AI to support predictive solutions. The new Flexidome multi 7000i cameras combine multi-directional overviews with actionable insights for wide-area coverage.


iPulse to distribute Hitachi’s VeinID products
iPulse Systems, News, Access Control & Identity Management

Hitachi Europe, a pioneer of finger vein biometric technology and iPulse Systems have announced a partnership to allow iPulse to distribute Hitachi’s VeinID products and solutions in Africa.
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Gallagher to resell Invixium

Gallagher and Invixium recently announce a global agreement in which Gallagher will distribute Invixium products for access control.
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SASE-enriched threat protection
Cyber Security

MVISION XDR automates security investigation and response processes with actionable threat insights harnessed from deeply integrated cloud data sources, with the ability to proactively stop targeted attacks.
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Innovation drives secure eSignature solutions for Africa

Impression Signatures and Striata recognised the need for secure, efficient and easily manageable eSignature solutions and have partnered to ensure easy access to safe, efficient eSignature solutions.
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Fast data recovery
IT infrastructure

The new InfiniGuard CyberRecovery capabilities provide transparent protection of the entire backup environment. It features immutable snapshots and near-instantaneous recovery to previous points-in-time based on customer-defined policies.
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CommScope introduces RUCKUS ICX switches

RUCKUS ICX switches work together to simplify network set-up and management, enhance security, minimise troubleshooting and facilitate upgrades to deliver high-performance switching capabilities that meet current and future network demands.
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iPulse expands on all fronts
iPulse Systems, News

iPulse Systems has expanded significantly in the past two months, bringing on board three new employees and moving offices to much larger premises, located in the same office park.
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How IoT is enabling the rise of smarter homes
Vox , Smart Home Automation, Integrated Solutions

At its most basic level, an IoT solution comprises three main components: sensors, a data transmission network and a platform to analyse and view the information.
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Top 10 security misperceptions
Cyber Security, Security Services & Risk Management

The Sophos Rapid Response team has compiled a list of the most commonly held security misperceptions they’ve encountered in the last 12 months while neutralising and investigating cyberattacks in a wide range of organisations.
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Commvault, Integrated Solutions

Spike in ransomware attacks calls for adoption of Backup-as-a-Service solutions by modern enterprises, says Kate Mollett, regional director at Commvault South Africa.
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The supply chain of the future
Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management, Retail (Industry)

For retailers to maximise their bottom line, the supply chain needs to be fast, efficient and responsive, which requires the use of intelligent, integrated technology.
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Passwords are 60, time for them to go
Access Control & Identity Management, Cyber Security

It has been 60 years since passwords were first used at MIT and if the number of breaches in the news are anything to go by, we are no more adept at managing our passwords than we were in 1961.
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Data protection is a top priority
Commvault, IT infrastructure

The global Covid-19 pandemic significantly accelerated the adoption of cloud technologies around the world, but particularly in South Africa, making disaster recovery and cloud data protection top priorities.
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From security to services
Fidelity Services Group , Editor's Choice

Wahl Bartmann is the CEO of the Fidelity Services Group, having started working part-time for the company his father started.
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Secure end-to-end fintech solutions for SA retail industry
Financial (Industry)

The Connect Group offers a range of fintech solutions, from cash management through to touchless payment and access to finance in 24 hours or less.
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Blockchain used for strong identity and authentication
Access Control & Identity Management

1Kosmos BlockID digital identity solution approved as NIST 800-63-3 conformant and FIDO2 certified, powered by advanced biometrics and a private blockchain.
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Suprema at the entrance
Suprema, Access Control & Identity Management

Suprema’s range of access control devices use various modalities such as face, fingerprint, mobile credentials, PIN and cards to authenticate users and can be integrated with various entrance control solutions such as turnstiles, speed gates and interlocking doors.
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Active Adversary Playbook 2021
Cyber Security

Sophos has released its Active Adversary Playbook 2021, detailing cyber-attacker behaviours and the tools, techniques and procedures Sophos’ frontline threat hunters and incident responders saw in the wild.
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Reception area access control equipment
BoomGate Systems, Access Control & Identity Management

A reception area is arguably one of the most influential areas in an office environment as it creates the first impression of the company, but must also have reliable access control.
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Roy Alves appointed as national sales manager for J2
J2 Software, News

As part of its global expansion strategy, cybersecurity firm J2 has appointed Roy Alves as its national sales manager to enable African businesses to identify and address their cyber capacity needs.
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Command Centre 8.50 released
Gallagher, Access Control & Identity Management

Command Centre 8.50 offers intelligent features including, mobile credential syncing between sites, cutting-edge integrations and several enhancements for increased site security and user efficiency.
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Integrated banking security solutions
Elvey Security Technologies , Financial (Industry)

As with most security system applications, a combination of manpower, physical barriers and technology provides the best approach to the commonly recognised ‘deter, detect and defend’ philosophy.
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Web-based secure access solution
dormakaba South Africa, Access Control & Identity Management

The web-based Matrix One secure access solution is fast and user-friendly to set up and is tailored to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises.
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Where are the keys?
LD Africa, Access Control & Identity Management

The initial step to securing any organisation is getting rid of old and outdated technologies. Who wants to carry around a huge bunch of keys?
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Securing healthy worksites
Access Control & Identity Management, Products

The difference between traditional access technologies and healthy access solutions is their purpose. Traditional access keeps the wrong people out and the right people in, while healthy access keeps sickness out.
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Art, science and psychology
Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management

Workforce management (WFM) is an art and a science, with a bit of psychology thrown in as well. It incorporates human resources, technology, budgets, logic as well as creativity and strategic planning, lots of strategic planning.
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Cash services with a difference
Financial (Industry)

Although 80% of South Africans have a bank account, most consumer transactions are still cash-based and cash usage in the economy continues to grow at an annual rate of between 6% and 10%.
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Cyber securing financial companies
Galix Group, Financial (Industry)

Financial companies are constantly under attack from both physical and cyber criminals and while the physical attacks are primarily perpetrated by organised criminals and syndicates, cyber-attacks can be organised or opportunistic.
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Workforce management in the new age of COVID-19
G4S Secure Solutions SA, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management

The workforce management industry has changed beyond recognition, bringing positive change to the work lives of millions and helping businesses who rely on the deskless workforce become more efficient, productive and profitable.
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Banking on surveillance, AI and analytics
Cathexis Technologies, Financial (Industry)

CathexisVision video surveillance capabilities and smart video analytics help detect and cut fraud-based events and their resulting losses as well as facilitate the gathering of business- and consumer-related intelligence.
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Surveillance’s role in bank branch transformation
Axis Communications SA, Financial (Industry)

As branch transformation and fintech continues to evolve, so will the opportunities for security surveillance with artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and advanced digital technology.
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Office security gate monitoring app
Gunnebo Africa, Access Control & Identity Management

Gunnebo has launched its office security gate monitoring app EntraLinq to disrupt the entrance control market with a SaaS offering.
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Information protection resources for video surveillance companies
Cathexis Technologies, Editor's Choice

The Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) was signed into law in South Africa in 2013, it is a comprehensive law which aims to protect individuals’ personal data, by holding organisations accountable for capturing, processing and storing personal information responsibly.
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Physical access solutions for banks
Turnstar Systems, Financial (Industry)

When one of South Africa’s fastest growing banks recently expanded into new offices in the Western Cape, they required a physical access control solution that would match regulated access with sleek looks and high quality finishes.
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Integrated, customisable workforce management for today’s challenges
Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management

The workforce management division of NEXTEC Security and Building Technologies offers solutions integrating time and attendance, access control as well as health and safety solutions.
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