Smart Home Automation

Nomad launches early adopter programme
Issue 5 2022, Editor's Choice, News, Integrated Solutions
Participants in Nomad’s Early Adopter Programme will receive 10% of their volume order to facilitate testing before the commercial launch later this year.

Keeping your home surveillance private
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Living
Camect autodetects home surveillance cameras and offers advanced AI and 1 TB of storage in a single box while also ensuring online access and full privacy for its users.

The smart home according to Astrel
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Living , Black Point Tech cc t/a BPT
Riccardo Battaini from BPT SA addresses the advantages of living in a connected home, highlighting the capabilities of the Astrel brand.

Load shedding and home security systems
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Living , Fidelity Services Group , Residential Estate (Industry)
Preventive maintenance action today can help ensure that your security system still operates the way it should tomorrow when Eskom once again turns off the power.

Seeking alternative power sources
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Living , Residential Estate (Industry)
Gregor Kuepper highlights some solutions that can keep the lights on and machines running during load shedding and other long power outages.

What to consider when choosing a power backup plan
Issue 4 2022, Products
Electricity is set to double in price in the next five years, and load-shedding will be an ongoing occurrence for at least the next decade.

The benefits of investing in whole-house surge protection
Issue 3 2022, Security Services & Risk Management, Residential Estate (Industry)
When you consider that the potential for equipment damage can run well into the hundreds of thousands of rands, whole-house surge protection is a worthwhile expense.

Smart home devices market growing across META
Issue 3 2022, News
The Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) smart home devices market continues to register significant gains on the back of increasing awareness and improving end user experiences, according to the latest insights from International Data Corporation.

How to keep your smart devices secure at home
Issue 3 2022
If you use any form of smart technology, there’s one thing every device has in common: it connects to your home Wi-Fi network.

Tips to protect your computer while working from home
Issue 3 2022
Many people are now working from home or using a hybrid work model, which means more employees than ever are taking their office computers home. Most companies have an IT department that handles cybersecurity ...

Questions to ask before signing on the dotted line
Issue 3 2022, Fidelity Services Group
You must make sure you understand exactly what type of service you can expect in an emergency. Ask as many questions as you need until you are comfortable with your decision.

Integrated personal security that travels with you
Issue 3 2022, Editor's Choice, Integrated Solutions
Individuals can take their security with them when travelling with the new Nomad all-in-one integrated security solution that keeps you and your belongings safe.

Changing the battery game
Issue 2 2022
Load-shedding damages gate motor and alarm system batteries but lithium iron phosphate batteries are poised to change the game.

Power caddies for solar
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Estate Living , GSS Group, Residential Estate (Industry), Products
GSS Group has launched new products relating to power usage and solar power in compact designs. The units compensate for power outages and load-shedding conditions in various areas in Africa.

Make any household device more intelligent
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Estate Living , Vox , Integrated Solutions
Sixth Sense, an Internet-of-Things (IoT) product powered by Vox, has launched a range of low-powered sensors that deliver a variety of practical use cases for the average South African household.

Fluss gives you control over home and business access
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Estate Living , Residential Estate (Industry), Products
A local South African company has developed an app that integrates with a small device connected to home or business electrical systems, turning smartphones into a key to open any gate, garage or door.

The best defence is good offence
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Estate Living , Legrand Southern Africa, Residential Estate (Industry), Products
Legrand’s flexible system offers the freedom to create a smart, customised home by linking controls and features, to manage scenarios, create centralised functions and allow remote-control of individual functions.

An effective deterrent against intruders
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Estate Living , LD Africa, Residential Estate (Industry), CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Products
It is imperative for residential estates and property owners to upgrade to security systems that can keep up with today’s demands, but most importantly, integrate.

I invested in solar, why am I disappointed?
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Estate Living , Residential Estate (Industry), Products
Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a lifespan three times as long as lead acid batteries, have fewer safety risks and require negligible maintenance.

All-in-one Indoor Station
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Estate Living , Hikvision South Africa, Residential Estate (Industry)
Along with video intercom, the Hikvision All-in-one Indoor Station also serves as a home or office management centre featuring visualised interfaces.


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