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New algorithm for OT cybersecurity risk management
Issue 4 2023, Industrial (Industry), Information Security, News & Events
OTORIO’s new risk management model and attack graph analysis algorithm technology, calculates OT cybersecurity threats and provides risk mitigation actions, prioritised according to actual exposure and potential impact on operations.

Smart buildings require smarter networks
Issue 2/3 2023, Infrastructure, Facilities & Building Management, IoT & Automation
The smart building is not a new concept, but it's more than just four walls built sustainably, but a network that interconnects people, processes, data, and things. Lots and lots of things.

The next generation of Point of Sale
Issue 7 2022, Security Services & Risk Management, Products & Solutions
New digital point-of-sale (POS) platforms are gaining traction, which means payment providers and investors should take note.

Vehicle entrance control
Issue 7 2022, ZKTeco, Access Control & Identity Management
Secure your premises and control who enters with access control systems from ZKTeco. The company offers various types of entrance control terminals for pedestrians and vehicles.

New R2 billion Pick n Pay super distribution centre
Issue 7 2022, Flow Systems, Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions
Flow Systems Manufacturers was selected to be part of the security infrastructure at the new Pick n Pay inland distribution centre, which covers an area of 36 ha.

Post-pandemic access control features
Issue 7 2022, Paxton, Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions
Access control features introduced at the height of the pandemic are still useful as effective, integrated entrance control mechanisms today.

Integrated security management platforms with biometrics
Issue 6 2022, ZKTeco, Access Control & Identity Management
Biometric solutions have become the focus in many discussions as businesses seek more sophisticated security solutions beyond the traditional identification badge and access control system.

Complete solutions, delivering complete protection
Issue 6 2022, Gallagher, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions
The recent release by Gallagher of Command Centre v8.80 and Command Centre Web enables all organisations to make security easier, faster and more efficient.

Redefining access control in the commercial sector
Issue 6 2022, Axis Communications SA, Access Control & Identity Management
Technology is key to keeping assets and personnel safe and secure, especially in the face of concern surrounding proposed new trespassing laws.

SALTO launches integrated Technology Partner Programme
Issue 7 2022, Salto Systems Africa, News & Events, Access Control & Identity Management
SALTO Systems has announced it is offering other technology leaders the opportunity to partner with it for an integrated and improved customer offering.

Better process control and audit reporting from Traka
Issue 7 2022, Traka Africa, News & Events, Access Control & Identity Management, Asset Management
Traka has announced it will be launching its next-generation key management systems in 2023, providing enhanced security, serviceability and traceability.

Would you employ someone with a criminal record?
Issue 6 2022, iFacts, Security Services & Risk Management
Many companies have removed the criminal record check from their employee screening policy because they believe it is irrelevant during the hiring process.

Building efficiency: the invisible becomes visible
Issue 6 2022, Integrated Solutions, Asset Management
Industry now features advanced solutions that, short of running a building on autopilot, offer efficient, optimised and sustainable solutions that catapult facilities into a new era of sophistication.

Revamping Liberty Life’s reception area
Issue 6 2022, Turnstar Systems, Access Control & Identity Management
Turnstar supplied and installed four Speedgate Express lanes, each 550 mm wide, as well as two Pulse Special Needs Gates for wheelchair access to Liberty Life.

Tyco LFII lead-free sprinkler
Issue 6 2022, Technews Publishing, Fire & Safety, Products & Solutions
The LFII is the first polymeric sprinkler on the market approved to UL 199; it is certified to NSF 372 and NSF 61 to ensure compatibility with safe drinking water and lead-free plumbing requirements.

Networked devices increase cyberattack risk for building systems
Issue 5 2022
Firms must reboot their building operations security strategies now, and building managers need an integrated approach with IT professionals including clear lines of responsibility.

Are you your insider threat?
Issue 4 2022, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management
Insider threats are a critical aspect of risk management today, but what happens when it is the owner of the company acting fraudulently and making sure none of his staff can catch him?

How to make data governance practical
Issue 3 2022, Security Services & Risk Management
For many businesses, data governance is not well received because governance programmes are often driven by supporting functions like compliance or IT, with a focus on the needs of these functions.

Dynamic Drop Arm Barrier for disabled access
Issue 2 2022, Turnstar Systems, Access Selection Guide
Accommodating those who use wheelchairs, while also maintaining adequate access control into business facilities, means selecting reliable access control products that provide wheelchair accessibility.

Phish me tender, phish me true
Issue 1 2022, Technews Publishing
The Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report found that phishing was linked to 36% of breaches and that 85% of breaches connected to social engineering saw cybercriminals walk off with critical login credentials.


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