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Are you your insider threat?
Issue 4 2022, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management
Insider threats are a critical aspect of risk management today, but what happens when it is the owner of the company acting fraudulently and making sure none of his staff can catch him?

How to make data governance practical
Issue 3 2022, Security Services & Risk Management
For many businesses, data governance is not well received because governance programmes are often driven by supporting functions like compliance or IT, with a focus on the needs of these functions.

Dynamic Drop Arm Barrier for disabled access
Issue 2 2022, Turnstar Systems, Access Selection Guide
Accommodating those who use wheelchairs, while also maintaining adequate access control into business facilities, means selecting reliable access control products that provide wheelchair accessibility.

Phish me tender, phish me true
Issue 1 2022, Technews Publishing
The Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report found that phishing was linked to 36% of breaches and that 85% of breaches connected to social engineering saw cybercriminals walk off with critical login credentials.

Securing Amazon Web Services
Issue 8 2021, Cyber Security, IT infrastructure
The latest advances to Sophos Cloud Optix automates and simplifies the detection and response of security incidents across Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

Keeping MICE safe and compliant in a new environment
Issue 3 2021, IT infrastructure
The meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) sector has been challenged with massive change over the past year, first Covid-19 and now the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Bringing down the walls in the corporate world
Issue 4 2021, Suprema
Having an open floor plan tips the balance between private and public and this shift affects how a company protects and safeguards personnel as well as proprietary and sensitive company information.

Integrated, modularised operations management
Issue 4 2021, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management
Skycom, along with its mobile solutions partner, Nimbus Solutions, has developed a cloud-based platform that supports a host of integrated, in-house operations management modules, as well as mobile visibility and reporting in real-time.

Modernised with the latest access control
Issue 4 2021, Paxton
Paxton10 provides expandable, cost-effective security solution for newly refurbished and modernised offices using the recently released Paxton10 and Paxton Key app.

Secure and healthy access at Shoprite
Issue 4 2021, Turnstar Systems
Shoprite invested in various physical access solutions from Turnstar for its new head office in the Cape Town suburb of Brackenfell.

Wireless, paperless visitor management
Issue 4 2021, SA Technologies, Access Control & Identity Management, Products
The VISITME scanner solution is a PoPIA-compliant visitor management system based on a wireless handheld device which scans and captures vehicle and occupant information at an access-controlled site.

Automation and AI in security
Issue 4 2021, Editor's Choice, Cyber Security
It’s important for businesses to have an internal strategy for automation and AI as these can relate to both cybersecurity and other parts of the business and provide a benchmark for evaluating the security vendor.

Smart buildings, start today
Issue 4 2021, Security Services & Risk Management
A recent article states that 15% of the offices owned by a large South African commercial real estate owner are now standing empty and this will remain the status quo for the foreseeable future.

Eagle Eye launches body-worn camera
Issue 4 2021, Products
Secure 4G and Wi-Fi capabilities, two-way audio, geo-tagging and alarm features combine with Eagle Eye Networks cloud infrastructure for body camera offering for retail, guarding companies, in-home service companies and other commercial entities.

Extending access control cost-effectively
Issue 4 2021, ASSA ABLOY South Africa, Access Control & Identity Management, Products
Your electronic security could save you money at every stage of its lifecycle if you pick the right locks, such as battery-powered wireless locks.

New DSV physical access solutions
Issue 4 2021, Turnstar Systems
Global freight and courier giant, DSV, is expanding and refining its footprint in South Africa, making use of Turnstar solutions to streamline and secure access.

Smart cameras optimise building usage
Issue 3 2021, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Security Services & Risk Management
AI-enabled smart cameras can assist with real-time analysis of open workspaces for meetings or individual workers for flexible return-to-work scenarios, as well as provide valuable operational intelligence about a facility.

Effective communications for managed access control
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2021, Elvey Security Technologies
Effective communications is key to better visitor management in residential as well as commercial environments.

Slow and steady wins the access race
Issue 1 2020, ZKTeco, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice
The commercial sector is slow in migrating to new access control technologies, with the majority of companies remaining with card and fingerprint solutions.

Facial recognition trends
Issue 1 2020, ZKTeco
Facial recognition systems are being installed in more industries, including commercial ventures, manufacturing, construction, law enforcement and healthcare.


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