Residential Estate (Industry)

Smart intercoms for Sky House Projects
SMART Access & Identity 2024, Nology, Access Control & Identity Management
DNAKE’s easy and smart intercom solution has everything in place for modern residential buildings. Hence, the developer selected DNAKE video intercoms to round out upmarket apartment complexes, supported by the mobile app.

Reliable access management for famous film location
Issue 6 2023, Paxton, Access Control & Identity Management
The Royal Connaught Park features a private swimming pool, health and fitness suite, outdoor tennis court and onsite parking, with over 100 residents coming and going every day.

Ring announces second generation indoor camera
Issue 6 2023, Smart Home Automation, Surveillance
Introducing a removable manual privacy cover, Ring's latest indoor camera provides customers with increased privacy, control and peace of mind when it comes to home security.

Securing a luxurious estate
SMART Estate Security 2023, Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions
Turnstar Systems recently partnered with Balwin Munyaka Residential Estate to secure the entrance to its Crystal Lagoon, ensuring only authorised residents and guests can access the site.

Body-worn evidence
SMART Estate Security 2023, Technews Publishing, Forbatt SA, Betatrac Telematic Solutions, Secutel Technologies, Surveillance, Products & Solutions
Body-worn cameras are no longer just a good idea or a luxury item; in fact, they are gaining popularity and finding use in various situations, one of these being in residential estates.

Integrating control rooms and response
SMART Estate Security 2023, WatchManager, Integrated Solutions
Control rooms have become a standard in large estates, and remote control rooms are finding a home even in smaller estates due to cost efficiencies and the increasing reliability of analytics and artificial intelligence.

The difference between a SOP and a SOP
SMART Estate Security 2023, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management
SOPs are a touchy issue that need careful attention and automation to ensure they deliver the desired security results. Beyond design and automation, implementation is the ultimate road to success.

Entrance security for residential buildings
SMART Estate Security 2023, Paxton, Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions
Home is where people should feel safe and relax. Installing a reliable access control system is vital to track and prevent non-residents from entering private areas.

Security without the skin
SMART Estate Security 2023, Alwinco, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management
We all know about the layers of security required to form a comprehensive solution, but the layers go deeper than most consider. Andre Mundell dissects security in this article to start the journey into what is under the covers.

Touchless vehicle access control
SMART Estate Security 2023, Technews Publishing, Techsolutions, ZKTeco, Impro Technologies, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions
RFID access for vehicles is a growing market, and many estates (residential and business) have opted for this approach to speed up the process of moving vehicles through access control points.

Ensuring peace of mind
SMART Estate Security 2023, Fang Fences & Guards, Editor's Choice, Integrated Solutions
With the rapid advance of technology and artificial intelligence, electronic security systems are not only extremely reliable in safeguarding properties, but a well-designed, implemented and maintained system will prevent crimes before they can happen.

ATG talks PoPIA and driver’s licence scanning
SMART Estate Security 2023, ATG Digital
Whether or not we are obligated to share our personal information is an important question and one we should prioritise because it is in our interest to safeguard our personal information.

Going beyond the gate
SMART Estate Security 2023, Suprema
Restricting access to the facilities available to residents may have been a daunting task in the past, with registers, keys, tokens, and other manual procedures, and on top of that PoPIA, but this is no longer the case.

Directory listings
SMART Estate Security 2023
The directory of estate security product and service providers lists a selection of companies involved in various aspects of residential security projects, from consulting to implementation and ongoing maintenance, as well as equipment suppliers.

Securing a luxurious residential estate
Issue 6 2023, Turnstar Systems, Access Control & Identity Management
Turnstar Systems recently partnered with Balwin Munyaka Residential Estate to secure the entrance to its Crystal Lagoon, ensuring only authorised residents and guests can access the site.

Home security made simple
SMART Surveillance 2023, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Surveillance, Smart Home Automation
Premium Brand Distributors unveiled the eufy Security and Anker PowerHouse products and solutions at Securex, including solar-powered home security cameras, video doorbells and power stations to keep users safe, without Eskom’s help.

Off-grid power solution for residential estate
Issue 1 2023, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management, Products & Solutions, Power Management
Coral Beach Estate, an upmarket residential estate based in East London, has been struggling with load shedding and power outages due to South Africa's energy crisis, as well as the vandalism of its power infrastructure.

Smart surveillance can make our homes safer
Issue 2/3 2023, Axis Communications SA, Surveillance
Over the last decade, South Africa’s private security industry has gradually been adopting more advanced security technologies to safeguard private properties and neighbourhoods, making it easier and more effective to detect and respond to threats.

Fire-fighting force at Vergelegen
Issue 8 2022, Editor's Choice, Fire & Safety
Vergelegen wine estate in Somerset West, and its neighbours, are set to enjoy greater peace of mind this summer, thanks to the delivery of a brand new fire truck .

Residential Estate Security Conference 2022
Issue 7 2022, Technews Publishing, Conferences & Events
The first Residential Estate Security Conference since March 2020 discussed the people, technology and processes involved in mitigating risks to deliver smart, secure living.


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