Power Management

Save energy with Paxton’s Net2 Access Control
SMART Access & Identity 2024, Paxton, Products & Solutions
Paxton offers access control systems that can help save building energy by utilising smart features. This not only has a positive environmental impact but, importantly, helps save businesses money.

Enhance the safety of lithium batteries
January 2024, News & Events
One of the processes that can hamper the functioning of lithium batteries is an internal short circuit caused by direct contact between the cathode and anode, but a solution may be at hand.

Promoting a safe and efficient solar industry
Issue 8 2023
The adoption of renewable energy is good news, whichever way you look at it. In South Africa, the long-term sustainability of our natural resources is at an exciting juncture, with renewable projects coming online daily.

Expanding cellular IoT applications in the SA energy sector
Issue 7 2023, IoT & Automation
Cellular IoT is a way of connecting physical devices to the internet through cellular networks. This is not a new technology, but it has the potential to revolutionise the energy sector in the country.

Solar: renting vs. buying
Issue 8 2023
Understanding the differences between owning and renting a solar system becomes essential as we navigate the landscape where cost-saving and uninterrupted power supply meet environmental consciousness.

New power protection for SA
Issue 7 2023, Products & Solutions
A new generation of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and power protection systems is now available for technology applications grappling with South Africa’s escalating power cuts in both residential and commercial environments.

Marshall Security partners with Blacklight to introduce Reconeyez to KZN
Issue 6 2023, News & Events, Surveillance
Marshal Security has joined forces with Blacklight Group to launch Reconeyez, a cutting-edge battery-powered surveillance platform with mesh network capability, in the KwaZulu-Natal market.

Harnessing IoT and solar power for smarter energy management
Issue 6 2023
When Eskom first implemented load shedding in 2007, electricity changed overnight from a resource every company could take for granted into one of the most urgent challenges in South African boardrooms.

Stage Zero poised to disrupt residential power supply market
Issue 6 2023
Vivica Group has launched Stage Zero, a power utility provider which is poised to overhaul how South African households are forced to deal with Eskom and local municipality unreliability.

Disrupting power generation for the future
Issue 2/3 2023, News & Events
What if, instead of taking up 400 hectares to build a solar power plant, you could generate the same number of kilowatts on land the size of a basketball court?

End the scourge of solar panel theft
Issue 2/3 2023, Guardian Eye, Infrastructure, Security Services & Risk Management
Modern solar installations are designed so they can be put together very quickly, but this means they can also be dismantled very quickly, and so there has been a massive spike in the theft of solar panels from roofs.

Beyond the blackout
Issue 2/3 2023, Infrastructure, Security Services & Risk Management
Julian Liebenberg, Chief of Cloud Platform Solutions at BCX discusses why cloud solutions are the future for large enterprises when dealing with the economic and productivity consequences of load shedding.

Four ways businesses can achieve more despite load shedding
Issue 2/3 2023, Infrastructure
While businesses are looking to cut back on IT spend to cope with the economic impact of power cuts – load shedding is yet another reason why organisations simply can’t afford to delay their digital transformation and forego the associated efficiencies.

Data security during load shedding
Issue 2/3 2023, Information Security
According to Gerhard Swart, CTO at Performanta, there are five key considerations you should take into account to avoid trouble while keeping your systems online and your business cyber-safe.c

Off the grid and into the cloud
Issue 2/3 2023, Mining (Industry), Infrastructure
With over 200 days of load shedding in 2022, with blackouts likely to be the status quo for at least another two years, short-term solutions to reliable power services no longer suffice.

Every business can protect its data from load shedding
Issue 2/3 2023, Security Services & Risk Management
When the lights go out, businesses worry about productivity, downtime, and the risk of damage to their equipment, but what about data, one of the most vulnerable business assets during a power failure.

Three new portable power stations to ease load shedding
Issue 1 2023, News & Events, Security Services & Risk Management, Products & Solutions
EcoFlow has launched three portable power stations that provide sufficient power for consumers wherever they are; the DELTA 2 and RIVER 2 Series are feature-filled power solutions to the volatile electricity supply.

Off-grid power solution for residential estate
Issue 1 2023, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management, Residential Estate (Industry), Products & Solutions
Coral Beach Estate, an upmarket residential estate based in East London, has been struggling with load shedding and power outages due to South Africa's energy crisis, as well as the vandalism of its power infrastructure.

Choosing an inferior lithium battery can be detrimental and unsafe
Issue 1 2023, Uniross Batteries, Security Services & Risk Management, Products & Solutions
South Africans looking to mitigate the impact of load shedding by installing a solar system for their home must do so through an accredited installer or electrician to avoid insurance claims being rejected.

Choosing the right battery backup solution
Issue 1 2023, Infrastructure
Rectron’s, Matthew Hall, says that when it comes to backup power solutions, there are a number of rechargeable batteries available. The difference lies in their capacity, life span, charging time and price.


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