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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018

Access Control & Identity Management

Controlling visitor access on mines
October 2018, Excellent ID, Mining (Industry), Products

Visitors to mining facilities, quarries and processing plants need to be carefully screened to ensure that their entry into the premises is valid.

Vox launches visitor management solution
October 2018, Vox Telecom, This Week's Editor's Pick, Products

Vox has launched a modular, cloud-based visitor management solution that manages information in a way that complies with upcoming privacy regulation.

Long-distance RFID reader
October 2018, ZKTeco, Products

The UHF 6pro is a long-distance RFID reader with a long service life, minimised external interference and upgraded long reading distance.

Multi-biometric reader
October 2018, ZKTeco, Products

The PFace202 multi-biometric time and attendance and access control terminal supports up to 600 palm templates, 1200 face templates, 2000 fingerprint templates and 10 000 cards.

Parking lock
October 2018, ZKTeco, Products

Plock 1 is ZKTeco’s first generation parking lock to assist in private parking management, offering a smart and convenient user experience.

Garage door automation
October 2018, Centurion Systems, Products

The SDO4 boasts an on-board multi-channel receiver, which is compatible with Centurion’s Nova code-hopping remotes.

Smartphone access control
September 2018, Astra Fasteners, Products

Astra Fasteners has recently expanded its line of access solutions with a controller that allows Bluetooth-enabled devices to be used as a key.

Unified security management
September 2018, ZKTeco, Products

A need for comprehensive and well-constructed security strategies is more profound now than it has ever been in the past, says Johlene Selemela.

Dealing with dry fingerprints
September 2018, Suprema, neaMetrics

Suprema’s fingerprint recognition algorithm provides performance that is about 31 times more accurate than competitors when it comes to dry fingerprints.

Paxton launches new app
September 2018, Paxton Access, This Week's Editor's Pick, Products

Paxton has announced the launch of its new app, Paxton Connect Admin, for flexible site management for Net2 system engineers and operators.

New walk-through metal detector
September 2018, ZKTeco, Transport (Industry)

The new ZK-D4330 Walk Through Metal Detector has upgraded detection to make your environment safer. With 33 detection zones, it can link with barriers and turnstiles.

Paxton grants access to 600
September 2018, Paxton Access, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

Net2 access control provides flexible access management for staff at SBE Logistics.

Making the right security decisions
September 2018, Technews Publishing, This Week's Editor's Pick, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Integrated Solutions, Conferences & Events, Training & Education

The Residential Estate Security Conference 2018 took place in Johannesburg in August, covering a range of topics pertinent to the estate market.

The most important features of a management platform
September 2018, Technews Publishing, This Week's Editor's Pick, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Cyber Security, Integrated Solutions

Hi-Tech Security Solutions asks the industry for the top three features you should be looking for in a security management platform.

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