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Are you your insider threat?
Issue 3 2022, Technews Publishing, Security Services & Risk Management, Commercial (Industry)
Insider threats are a critical aspect of risk management today, but what happens when it is the owner of the company acting fraudulently and making sure none of his staff can catch him?

Passion, drive and hard work
Issue 3 2022, Technews Publishing, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Security Services & Risk Management
Colleen Glaeser is a leader in the security market, having made her mark in the male-dominated security industry through determination and hard work, along with a vision of making the world a safer place.

2022 trends in video surveillance
CCTV Handbook 2022, Eagle Eye Networks, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions
Eagle Eye Networks predicts what will impact the video surveillance industry in the coming year and how to seize opportunities and forge a path to success, even amid ongoing uncertainties.

The impact of AI-enhanced video analytics on control room personnel
CCTV Handbook 2022, Leaderware, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring
What impact do AI-capable detection systems have on control room staff, and do they mean a change in the demands on operators and the type of people you have in the control room?

To be or not to be, is that the objective?
CCTV Handbook 2022, Iris AI, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, News
Gerhard Furter joins a discussion on the nature of sentience in artificial intelligence. Do we actually know what sentience is, or are we overestimating our human capabilities?

Leaning into the edge
CCTV Handbook 2022, Technews Publishing, Axis Communications SA, Forbatt SA, Hikvision South Africa, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions, IT infrastructure
Video storage and analytical processing, with the help of artificial intelligence on the edge, is simple today with the powerful and advanced camera technology we have available.

The cybersecurity consolidation conundrum
Issue 3 2022, Cyber Security, Healthcare (Industry)
Check Point discusses why less is sometimes more when it comes to securing your organisation from the innumerable cyberattacks happening every day.

Tracking surveillance into the future
CCTV Handbook 2022, Technews Publishing, Bosch Building Technologies, Cathexis Technologies, Axis Communications SA, Arteco Global, G4S Secure Solutions SA, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions
Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked six industry experts to join us around a table to discuss the state of the surveillance industry and where it is going.

The benefits of VSaaS
CCTV Handbook 2022, Technews Publishing
Video Surveillance-as-a-Service promises to make life easier for customers as they will no longer have the hassles of hardware and software maintenance and they require less backup power. Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked David Arrikum if this is true.

Home automation hangs on security
CCTV Handbook 2022, Technews Publishing, Vox , ET Nice
Home automation is poised for growth and is offering security companies many opportunities to develop open systems that integrate security and non-security products in one easy-to-manage platform.

All-mobile people management solution with facial recognition
Issue 3 2022
The new mobile Incident Desk People Management platform with facial recognition combines identification data on suppliers, staff, sub-contractors and even people on watch lists, for less than the cost of traditional service management tools.

AURA partners with OUTsurance
Issue 3 2022
AURA, South Africa’s on-demand armed and medical response platform, has partnered with OUTsurance to improve the insurer’s emergency services.

Improving biometrics to address privacy, scale and accuracy
Issue 3 2022, Access Control & Identity Management, News
CryptoNets uses artificial intelligence and a new type of encryption; it is very fast, locating a face among countless others in milliseconds without the need to have any other data to narrow the search.

Integrated personal security that travels with you
Issue 3 2022, Integrated Solutions, Smart Home Automation
Individuals can take their security with them when travelling with the new Nomad all-in-one integrated security solution that keeps you and your belongings safe.

More to expect from Securex 2022
Issue 2 2022, Specialised Exhibitions
Securex South Africa 2022 will take place from 31 May to 02 June 2022 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, and will be co-located with A-OSH Expo, Facilities Management Expo and the new Firexpo 2022.

Entries open for 2022 OSPA Awards
Issue 3 2022, News
Entries for the South Africa Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) are now open. The OSPAs are designed to recognise the work of companies, individuals and teams.

The supervisor role in control rooms
Issue 3 2022, Leaderware, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring
The control room supervisor role is not a simple task of making sure that all the staff are present and appear to be performing their duties.

What just happened?
Issue 3 2022, Security Services & Risk Management, Retail (Industry)
Adriaan Bosch, head of Loss Prevention, Corporate Security at PEP Stores, talks about how intelligence, preparation and ensuring the flow of accurate information helped PEP Stores recover quickly from attacks on 283 stores.

Zero Trust in financial services
Issue 3 2022, Security Services & Risk Management
Hila Meller, BT vice president, Security, Americas, EMEA and APAC, highlights the eight guiding principles for Zero Trust in banking and financial services today.

Enhance security and sustainability
Issue 3 2022, Technews Publishing, HID Global
Jaroslav Barton says mobile access control provides future-proof flexibility for the never-ending endeavours of digital transformation as well as going green.


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