2006  ⏷

December 2006: Feature Articles

  • CCTV and school security
  • Crime-fighting with IP video
  • Let the cameras roll
  • Lights, camera ... less criminal action
  • Q&A with Telkom
  • SA's highs and lows
  • Safety and surveillance on inland waterways
  • Safety in the city

November 2006: Feature Articles

  • Advanced technologies: the enablers of efficiency and security in the modern world
  • CCTV - is only part of the security solution
  • Dealing in trust - how IT is enhancing bank security
  • Hackers heaven as corporates still leave security back doors open
  • Securing ports and cargo: new advanced technologies make big differences
  • The future of IP video

Access & Identity Management Handbook 2006

October 2006: Feature Articles

  • Airport security: a constant battle
  • Airport security: lessons from the UK aviation August 2006 security experiences
  • C-track secure: get real value from your vehicle tracking system every day
  • Fast action - modern techniques for handling airport emergencies
  • Keeping security on track
  • Optimal surveillance 'on-track': latest trends in CCTV systems for safety and security in railways
  • Securing Munich Airport
  • Transportation security update: technology rapidly changing the face of transportation
  • Video management with IP video: a guide to IP video - Part 12

September 2006: Feature Articles

  • Honeywell releases Rapid Eye Multi-Media DSP
  • More of the same - with a different name
  • SA and proud
  • Video systems design - continued: a guide to IP video - Part 2

CCTV Handbook 2006

August 2006: Feature Articles

  • CCTV strategy and the number of operators
  • Citizens safe, citizens secure?
  • Pulling it all together
  • Safe-guarding casinos
  • Security planning for a mega event
  • Setting the stage: security in entertainment and public event areas critical for 2010
  • The stadium spectacle
  • Video systems design: a guide to IP video - Part 10

July 2006: Feature Articles

  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Ifsec 2006
  • Liveness detection in biometric systems
  • Safety for students
  • Security on campus
  • Selecting a biometric technology
  • The need for an industry training and development strategy for CCTV operators
  • Video data transport: a guide to IP video, Part 9

June 2006: Feature Articles

  • ANPR in action
  • Connected homes: create convenience, security and cost savings
  • The reality show that could save lives
  • Video and IP network technologies: a guide to IP video, Part 8

May 2006: Feature Articles

  • Security Tenders
  • An integrated hospital is a safer hospital
  • Analog cameras and video servers - a guide to IP video: Part 6
  • DVR review
  • DVRs versus NVRs
  • Monitoring hospital facilities
  • RFID can be a matter of life and death in the medical world
  • The convergence of physical security and IT - face forward and watch your back: Part 2
  • Security Services Tender

April 2006: Feature Articles

  • Cameras: lens basics - A guide to IP video, Part 6
  • Operational conditions for remote video verification
  • The convergence of physical security and IT: Face forward and watch your back
  • Video technology to increase efficiencies and reduce operating risks

March 2006: Feature Articles

  • Embedded biometrics provide an extra layer of security
  • Managing identities
  • Resolution and illumination: a guide to IP video, Part 5
  • Samancor Manganese boosts safety, control
  • The convergence of physical security and IT: broad convergence - IT, security and building controls

February 2006: Feature Articles

  • 24-hour guard for construction sites
  • Directing the CCTV operator surveillance focus
  • Down at the farm ...
  • Fleet management
  • Image compression methods: a guide to IP video - Part 4
  • Integration - the key to unlocking true security potential
  • The convergence of physical security and IT: business rules and the integration of physical and logical security
  • The global security market: trends, technologies and transactions
  • Understanding industrial espionage