2004  ⏷

December 2004: Feature Articles

  • African Airports World 2005
  • How many monitors should a CCTV operator view?
  • ACSA: holistic security in a complex environment
  • The rise of the VAR
  • Components of biometrics
  • Guide to data privacy law in SA: privacy is a contentious issue
  • Top 10 steps to improve your network security

November 2004: Feature Articles

  • Mobile security comes of age
  • The myths continue - servicing the dead and the dying
  • Rail security on the move
  • Understanding an access control system
  • Identification and authentication using biometric techniques
  • Protection for access control systems
  • 2004 Global Information Security Survey

October 2004: Feature Articles

  • Security Association Of South Africa - Conference 2004
  • Bhopal 20 years on – could it happen here?
  • Fibre in focus: fibre-optics CCTV surveillance systems
  • Privacy and CCTV
  • Thermal imaging as part of a total security solution
  • Digital video recording and compression techniques

September 2004: Feature Articles

  • Highlights of ISEC 2004 in London
  • The philosophy of intrusion and perimeter detection
  • ID card design
  • IP cameras ... the future is upon us
  • The low-down on PC-based digital solutions
  • Fibre-optics CCTV surveillance systems
  • PIR Review

July 2004: Feature Articles

  • FM top 100 websites that save you time and money
  • Harmonic bar coding
  • Speed cameras and police/public relations
  • Triple technology asset management - ultimate control
  • Local access control company makes headway in tough US security market
  • Fibre in focus
  • Physical, electronic or virtual security seals?

August 2004: Feature Articles

  • Wireless and mobile technology 2004
  • Biometrics 2004
  • Using automated number plate recognition as a crime management strategy
  • What is new in digital CCTV
  • Fibre-optic CCTV surveillance systems
  • DVR Review
  • Remote video verification - WHY?

June 2004: Feature Articles

  • Operational risk management addresses the new threats of the 21st century
  • Insights into IFSEC 2004
  • Biometric face identification - applications in marketing
  • Image analysis takes hold as the evolutionary CCTV trend
  • Increase in gas usage sparks drive for new safety standard
  • Authentication tokens - a response to the challenge of Internet banking fraud
  • Security in the public sector - a cognitive dissonance
  • Hot Site - a complete data recovery solution

May 2004: Feature Articles

  • The threat from within - challenges of managing internal information security risks
  • A crash course in bollards, barriers and barricades
  • What should you be looking for when choosing a local positioning system?
  • Biometric security: more bottom-line benefits, less James Bond
  • CCTV and the issue of public protection
  • Fibre goes the distance to meet today's surveillance needs
  • Trends in digital evidence handling
  • Early alerting - the key to proactive security

March/April 2004: Feature Articles

  • Security upgrade at Imperial College
  • Global smart and secure tradelanes
  • Preventing closed store crime
  • Digital CCTV systems - really secure solutions for casinos?
  • Integrated security - asset protection solutions
  • Watermarking in digital surveillance applications?

February 2004: Feature Articles

  • Airline security - impacting on freedom of travel
  • Fingerprinting foreigners
  • The biometrics myth
  • OnGuard named 2003's best access control product
  • SESAMES Awards 2003
  • Cell C standardises on Honeywell CCTV
  • RFID security scares ignore facts
  • The future of bar coding - they are getting smaller
  • Digital CCTV's new technologies
  • Security management made easy