2002  ⏷

December 2002: Feature Articles

  • Getting to grips with networked CCTV - Part two
  • Integration - the great red herring?
  • Legislature gets advanced fire protection system
  • Preventing retail store crime
  • Revolutionary burglary prevention system
  • The use of disabled personnel in CCTV control rooms

November 2002: Feature Articles

  • Colour schemes in control rooms
  • ESDA selects a new chairman
  • Getting to grips with networked CCTV - Part 1
  • How unlikely is unlikely?
  • Modular Communications secures Volkswagen's exhibition at Summit
  • VESA - peace of mind for vehicle owners, comfort zone for insurers

October 2002: Feature Articles

  • Alarm review
  • Corporate security is everybody's job
  • Fixed fire extinguishing systems - the need for room integrity testing
  • Limtech places its finger on the access control market
  • Making sense of electronic security requirements through total integration
  • Personnel selection methods
  • Watching your back: countering industrial espionage the intelligent way

September 2002: Feature Articles

  • Client-centred security
  • Digital CCTV for Birmingham hospitals
  • Embedded digital video management is the way forward, says Ultrak
  • Remote video surveillance
  • UUNET integrates physical security with its existing management control system
  • Why not take control? - smartly through Cellsecure

August 2002: Feature Articles

  • Challenging the security myth
  • DVR Review
  • Fire - safety decision time
  • Role-based access control: in search of perfection
  • Security distributors shocked at implications of Act
  • Security solutions for hospitals and health care centres
  • South African company ensures Polish mine safety
  • The increasing role of information management in security
  • What is in a password?

July 2002: Feature Articles

  • Biometrics aids airport security
  • Casino security - embracing the digital age
  • CCTV in loss prevention - it is a whole new paradigm
  • Choosing a BMS and access control system
  • Electronic locking systems - security, convenience and cost
  • Fire detection in cold stores
  • IFSEC 2002
  • Impressions of IFSEC 2002
  • Technology could ease new border security concerns
  • UPS system insures surveillance network
  • Voice evacuation is no longer a grudge purchase
  • What is new in retail security technology?

June 2002: Feature Articles

  • Casino club cards turn guests into friends
  • CCTV industry paradigm shift
  • Charlton Athletic upgrades surveillance system
  • Cricket fans can look forward to a people-friendly but safe ICC Cricket World Cup-SA 2003
  • ESDA Golf Day report back
  • Last word: Digital poised to take over the CCTV market
  • Local turnstile company grows from strength to strength
  • Pre-employment screening - vital to business today
  • Reputation at the heart of risk management
  • Revolutionary new high-tech ticketing system for South African World Cup Cricket
  • Sensor gets the call
  • The importance of situational awareness in surveillance

May 2002: Feature Articles

  • Biometric systems based on capacitive sensing technology
  • Development in fire detection technology
  • Hints and tips for the industry
  • Integrated CCTV and access control system
  • Interoperability: the future is using gateways
  • Mastercard technology tackles fraud
  • Parking the masses
  • Risk management using fire alarm systems
  • Security Survey 2001/2
  • Surveillance strategy - surveillance functions and levels

March/April 2002: Feature Articles

  • Developing a surveillance strategy
  • Discharge test of gas extinguishing systems is necessary
  • Local municipality gets digital city surveillance system
  • Ongoing training maximises end-user benefits
  • Protecting assets from fire - a firefighter's perspective
  • Security technology: back to the future - the basics revisited

February 2002: Feature Articles

  • A perspective on aviation security
  • Advanced fire extinguishing system for South African blue chip
  • Gas Extinguishing Standard Part 8
  • Minimum specs move very welcome
  • Security vs freedom: helping civil aviation strike the balance