2014  ⏷

November 2014: Feature Articles

  • Analysing video analytics
  • Creating synergistic guarding support
  • Passengers, security and international air travel
  • Practical surveillance guidelines
  • Securing an icon
  • Verifying employee information for fraud prevention

October 2014: Feature Articles

  • Creating a secure financial sector environment
  • Image stabilisation examined
  • Improve guard management with data
  • Improved security coverage in hypermarket chain
  • Is finance available in the security sector?
  • Next-generation EnviroMist/GreenMist technology
  • Success lies in technology integration
  • Thermal imaging for port security
  • Thermals secures largest airport in Germany
  • To maintain or not to maintain

September 2014: Feature Articles

  • Choosing a standards-compliant installer
  • Ensuring your fire/smoke installation is up to par
  • From POPI to profit
  • Perimeter security essentials – III
  • The convergence of industrial security and life safety
  • Turning up the heat on solar field security
  • Unlocking key management
  • Wireless technology grows in popularity

August 2014: Feature Articles

  • A look into the cybercriminal underground
  • Access control predominates in healthcare
  • Healthcare security without the complexity
  • High-end surveillance storage
  • Integrated management platforms
  • Nothing in common makes a good match
  • Perimeter security essentials – Part 2
  • Poor playback undermines CCTV advances
  • ROI is not a four-letter word
  • The future is bright
  • The right drive for surveillance
  • The ultimate guide to PSIM
  • Tips to reduce network congestion
  • Turning security alarms into social alarms

July 2014: Feature Articles

  • A boom market for suppliers
  • A ruinous amendment?
  • An integrated approach to entertainment security
  • IFSEC SA 2014 gets it right
  • Making security systems pay for themselves
  • Overcoming security isolation
  • Perimeter security essentials
  • Safer ship travel with XProtect
  • Security and cloud computing
  • Wide scope for remote ­monitoring services

June 2014: Feature Articles

  • Mining sector adopts multi-tiered security approach
  • Security product training in South Africa
  • South African SIs face stiff competition
  • The challenge of effective retail security
  • The incidentals of incident ­handling

May 2014: Feature Articles

  • A building on your smartphone
  • Cash risk shift
  • Integrated security features strongly in parastatals
  • Residential estate security a mixture of people, processes and technology
  • Tracking and managing people and assets

April 2014: Feature Articles

  • Big data’s next conquest: physical security
  • How integrated is commercial security?
  • Keeping data secure
  • Mobile security from the cloud
  • Out of office mobile security
  • Securing your IT infrastructure
  • Smartcard solutions for higher education
  • Technology can transform the public safety

CCTV Handbook 2014

March 2014: Feature Articles

  • Cash management systems keep money safe
  • FM trends in 2014: Beyond buzzwords
  • Home automation means integration
  • Integrated systems beat the alarm blues
  • IP gaining ground in retail security
  • Key and asset management tips
  • Securing cash in transit
  • Smart surveillance principles and acceptance
  • Ten strategies to maximise store productivity
  • Top five business continuity risks for 2014
  • Video surveillance has come of age

February 2014: Feature Articles

  • Detection in all situations
  • Electric fencing standards lead the way to safer installations
  • Offsite and on the ball
  • Security for Monaco
  • The components of city ­surveillance
  • The role of humans in CBD and city surveillance
  • Wireless jamming investigated

January 2014: Feature Articles

  • CAMPROSA conference 2013
  • Integrated school surveillance
  • Products of the Year 2013
  • Residential security in the spotlight