2009  ⏷

November 2009: Feature Articles

  • Axis celebrates 25 years in the network business
  • Win with Axis and Hi-Tech Security Solutions
  • CCTV delivers more than law enforcement
  • Functional healthcare
  • Hybrid video for builders' merchant
  • iLegal 2009: the process of surveillance
  • Night vision optics explained
  • Some reflections on iLegal 2009
  • South Africa: the war on commercial crime

October 2009: Feature Articles

  • Biometrics round-up 2009
  • BiometriX 2009: integrated identity management
  • Crimes of our times
  • Fortinet addresses major security threats with comprehensive solution set
  • How do I make it work?
  • How secure are our railways?
  • Installer's guide to selling CCTV technology
  • IronKey Enterprise Server enables remote administration
  • The complexities of convergence
  • IFSEC South Africa Securex 2010 – Sandton, Johannesburg – 31 August-2 September 2010
  • Bosch focuses on intelligent video analysis software usability
  • Cape Town Motor Vehicle Registration Department uses Metrofile
  • Chubb Security South Africa supports proposed industry security training standards
  • IndigoVision beats expectations
  • Internet Solutions first to deploy FireID to corporate base
  • NVT scores at sports stadium
  • Pelco integrates DVRs, HVRs with mobiDEOS MobileCamViewer
  • Realtime guard monitoring system
  • School district launches IP-based video surveillance

September 2009: Feature Articles

  • Ensuring the effective and legal use of CCTV
  • CCTV operational requirements
  • Designing and procuring an integrated solution
  • DVR round-up
  • Employee screening in the financial industry: what you should know
  • The pros and cons of local manufacturing

August 2009: Feature Articles

  • Card X conference and exhibition set for August
  • An eye on production
  • H.264 facts and fiction
  • Industry moves slowly to integrated security
  • Integration is the future
  • On the floor
  • Trends in risk solutions

July 2009: Feature Articles

  • BiometriX 2009 makes its mark
  • Hi-Tech Security Solutions launches Home Security
  • Applied technologies in retail
  • IFSEC UK 2009
  • Retail Risk 2009 round-up

June 2009: Feature Articles

  • The latest offerings in the security, safety, fire and protection arenas
  • Q&A with Scott Schnell
  • Safeguarding night staff
  • SecuTech Expo 2009 impresses
  • Wireless fleet protection

May 2009: Feature Articles

  • ContinuitySA launches SA's first Complete Continuity Practitioners programme
  • Training in the recession
  • Web platforms offer opportunity and risk
  • BitDefender's three options
  • Forgettable passwords
  • IP surveillance in retail
  • Know your retail risk
  • Mobile DVR: full stream ahead
  • Network video in retail
  • Optimising camera viewing in control rooms
  • State-of-the-art Saxon

Access & Identity Management Handbook 2009

April 2009: Feature Articles

  • Managing your retail risk
  • ADT integrates IP into residential security solutions
  • Beget leaps ahead in local biometrics
  • Biometrics booms in SA
  • Estate security: product and process
  • Security integrates people, technology and process
  • Video analysis, it is just not cricket
  • You cannot use it if it is gone

March 2009: Feature Articles

  • SIA Conference 2009: Quality in Security
  • Fortnum & Mason choose Synectics
  • Physical security still works
  • Surveillance in Alaska
  • The allure of copper theft and how to stop it

CCTV Handbook 2009

February 2009: Feature Articles

  • An essential security precaution
  • Basic fibre-optics III
  • Beyond DVR and NVR
  • Integrity assessment in the workplace
  • Intelligent video surveillance and GIS
  • Multilayered solution for retail
  • Pointing fingers at access control
  • Quality, made in China
  • Security at the National Trust
  • Surveillance on the move
  • Surveillance vs effective surveillance
  • The value of computer-assisted vision