2007  ⏷

December 2007: Feature Articles

  • Shopping centres tackle crime
  • Security vital for 2010 venues
  • The security paradox
  • The new challenge of M2M

November 2007: Feature Articles

  • A crash course on creating a vehicular perimeter security system
  • Aspirating smoke detection in healthcare facilities
  • Developing a good security climate
  • Inhep acquired by Lereko Metier Capital Growth Fund
  • RFID in fisheries supply chains

Access & Identity Management Handbook 2007

October 2007: Feature Articles

  • Cabling cost, convenience, effectiveness
  • From airports to sea ports
  • Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project
  • Securing the gateway to paradise
  • Security on the move

September 2007: Feature Articles

  • It still pays to manufacture in SA
  • DVR Review
  • Physical and logical access control convergence that goes beyond finding a happy medium
  • RFID-based emergency evacuation systems
  • Securing Barings

August 2007: Feature Articles

  • Alarms-over-IP
  • Private sector helps secure government
  • Securex 2007

July 2007: Feature Articles

  • Technews to host inaugural Technews Golf Challenge
  • Amended standards of practice for polygraph examiners
  • Camera technology
  • Dispelling the myths of IP video: Myth #5: IP transmission is insecure for video
  • Johannesburg traffic never looked so good
  • Manufacturing and industrial sectors need to improve risk management
  • New Age security services
  • Selecting a biometric technology
  • Selecting a biometric technology? Just follow the signs!
  • Totally wireless video security system using GPRS radio
  • Understanding IP

June 2007: Feature Articles

  • Dispelling the myths of IP video: Myth #4: Transferring video over my network will overload it
  • Lowering security risks through fingerprint technology
  • Public viewing of community CCTV operations
  • Security for scholars
  • Security issues and solutions at primary and pre-primary level
  • University of Johannesburg connected by Impro
  • Visitor management

May 2007: Feature Articles

  • Centralised, integrated security optimal for residential estates
  • Moving pictures and talking cameras
  • New and improved access control for Zimbali Estate
  • Safe at home
  • Security is top of mind
  • The urban environment and security
  • Why IP?

April 2007: Feature Articles

  • Control room integration platform the key to effective shopping centre and street security
  • Experience makes the difference
  • Security systems for retail and shopping malls
  • Standards and qualifications

CCTV Handbook 2007

March 2007: Feature Articles

  • Armed robbery survival skills - employer's legal obligations towards training
  • Botox and IT security: is it too late for you?
  • China's game
  • Dispelling the myths of IP video - Myth #2: Network cameras cost more than analog cameras, making IP surveillance too expensive
  • Fire safety - do you have a plan?
  • Implats T&A contract to Saco
  • Mining and heavy industry security
  • Understanding and meeting the needs

February 2007: Feature Articles

  • Biometrics - paving the way for a safer commercial environment
  • Bridging the Great Divide
  • Closing the door on unauthorised access
  • Ensuring success in CCTV monitoring
  • Making the transition from DVRs to video-over-IP
  • Office building security
  • Office park security moves with the times
  • Top hacker secrets .... exposed!