2008  ⏷

November 2008: Feature Articles

  • Add a listening post
  • Command and control, a subtle approach
  • Developing operators through simulation
  • Fibre design concepts
  • HTS and Rontal announce Eagle Eye
  • Local manufacturers go the extra mile
  • Multiple sensors to reduce false alarms
  • Pre-empt, prepare, prevent
  • Securing your perimeter the intelligent way
  • Setting up a control room
  • State of the manufacturing nation
  • Technology is the answer to ATM bombings and cash-in-transit heists
  • The buzz around H.264
  • The road to integrated systems

October 2008: Feature Articles

  • Expounding the legal implications of CCTV in South Africa
  • Basic fibre-optics explained
  • Biometrics review
  • Digital detail enhancement for thermal cameras
  • How much is your laptop really worth?
  • Inaugural BiometriX conference sets the standard
  • Licence plate recognition expands
  • More to ACSA parking security system than meets the eye
  • Multispectral imaging
  • Polygraph testing: truth or dare
  • Securing an 8 km perimeter
  • Shaping the CCTV legal environment
  • The evolution of biometrics
  • The power of business intelligence
  • Using radio to track and monitor
  • Voice as a biometric

September 2008: Feature Articles

  • Namibia 2008
  • Armed robbery: a South African banking perspective
  • Command and control
  • DVR roundup
  • Effective enterprise control
  • Securex makes the grade
  • Seeing through fog and rain
  • Synectics integrates London's CCTV
  • Video evidence from digital devices

August 2008: Feature Articles

  • Banking on a mobile future
  • Campus security demands controlled flexibility
  • Centralised CCTV protection
  • Electric fencing: the poor cousin of the security sector?
  • Making your lobby work
  • New MD driving change from Blick to Stanley
  • Proactive protection
  • Stopping criminals before they get near - the importance of perimeter security
  • The human threat
  • Understanding the benefits of active RFID for asset tracking
  • Using wipers with thermal cameras
  • Why IP surveillance?

July 2008: Feature Articles

  • Biometrix 2008 Conference Overview
  • Biometrix 2008 Conference Agenda
  • Biometrix 2008 Conference speaker profiles
  • Command and control a critical element in security systems for casino complexes
  • Fire detection technology in the HDI-Gerling administrative centre
  • How long should you retain your recorded CCTV video?
  • Ifsec 2008
  • IR: domes and infrared lighting
  • NVT secures John Ross House
  • Super-security at Dolphin Stadium

June 2008: Feature Articles

  • IFSEC Acquires Stake in Securex South Africa

  • IP surveillance solutions for education
  • Load shedding and security - what you should know
  • Personnel selection releases the potential of your system
  • Thermal imaging - how far can you see with it?

May 2008: Feature Articles

  • CCTV over IP
  • Complex security can be simple
  • Crime in South Africa
  • Darkness is the new black
  • Integrated high-tech security lowers risk and costs
  • Managing the process to reap IP rewards
  • Power down, crime up
  • Using CCTV to identify people carrying guns

CCTV Handbook 2008

April 2008: Feature Articles

  • Controlling shrinkage
  • Do not discount the hi-tech security approach
  • Doing more with your POS scanner
  • Measuring the value of CCTV, EAS and data mining tools
  • Minimising risk, maximising reward
  • Retail Risk review
  • Security at Sainsbury's
  • Solving the complex equations of petrochemical security solutions
  • Stop thinking access control: start thinking identity control
  • Systematic management of CCTV information
  • The answer to business crime is an holistic security solution
  • VESA - assisting the insurers in motor theft claims
  • Visual business intelligence

March 2008: Feature Articles

  • Bridging the gap
  • Electricity impact
  • Evolution: a permanent feature in mining security
  • Implementing international security systems
  • Integrated security system for Nelson Mandela Bay
  • Mining sector security solutions
  • Pelco acquired by Schneider Electric
  • Smartcards integrate access control and security systems
  • Town policing transformed by IP CCTV
  • Wireless IP surveillance for the masses

February 2008: Feature Articles

  • Retail Risk 2008
  • Employee honesty maintenance service based on voice analysis
  • Enterprise security and integrated systems
  • IP network technology
  • IP video security surveillance - understanding the storage issues
  • Protecting Science Museum's treasures
  • Remote CCTV monitoring: has it come of age?
  • Wireless and IP surveillance: what is next in monitoring and surveillance

January 2009: Feature Articles

  • Creating trust across borders
  • Inaugural iLegal a resounding success
  • Security trends 2009
  • Security versus access control