2003  ⏷

December 2003: Feature Articles

  • Key issues in shopping complex security
  • Money laundering: will South Africa wash whiter?
  • National standards required: for cash handling security and auditing systems
  • Parallel opportunities arising from CCTV systems 'going digital'
  • Return on TCO: why measure the cost of security?
  • Six sigma myths and the realities: the road to continuous sustainable competitive advantage
  • Smart tags in the fashion industry
  • Ten tips for choosing a UPS
  • Weigh and mitigate wireless risks: there need be no security trade-off

November 2003: Feature Articles

  • A 'routine activity' explanation of crime
  • Access control cards are getting smarter
  • Cardax FT Version 4 - a complete, integrated access control and intruder alarms solution
  • CCTV: beware the myths when considering digital
  • Digital CCTV defends profits against shrinkage
  • Electronic asset tagging: objects that speak for themselves
  • Future CCTV themes highlighted at the ISEC 2003 conference
  • How secure are remote controls?
  • Law of evidence when dealing with CCTV video recordings
  • Managed security service providers explained
  • No strings (wires) attached?
  • OnGuard ET - total security knowledge management
  • Optimum fleet solutions
  • RFID in cargo tracking
  • Security, safety and crime prevention critical for modern shopping centres
  • The future of surveillance

October 2003: Feature Articles

  • Computer-based intruder detection
  • Firetech Projects: engineering best practice in security system integration
  • Fleet monitoring and management: what is the difference and can they be integrated?
  • Network digital image transmission systems
  • PIR/panel Review
  • Preventing computer theft
  • Reconciling old and new technology systems
  • Thumbs-up for biometrics

September 2003: Feature Articles

  • Look out for stolen CCTV equipment
  • Basic CCTV system troubleshooting
  • Developing the total solution: anti-piggybacking
  • Security fencing: testing it to the limit
  • Siemens: access in your control
  • Surveillance contributions to intelligence gathering
  • The benefits of biometrics in access control
  • The threat of airport terrorism

August 2003: Feature Articles

  • ISEC 2003 - The future of CCTV
  • Crime factors affecting restaurants
  • DVR Review
  • Helpful CCTV tips
  • How electronic tagging pins down offenders
  • Integration critical in hospitals
  • Learning about safety
  • Leveraging intelligence information for surveillance
  • Offline controllers - are you missing out?
  • Providing access and audits in healthcare
  • Siemens - keeping you in the picture
  • Surveillance makes music festival safe
  • The case for embedded digital management
  • Today's systems need more fibre

July 2003: Feature Articles

  • New search facility on
  • Biometric technology implemented at high school
  • Biometrics' role in 2003
  • CCTV terms and definitions
  • Digital integration must be the way to go
  • Digital video on the move
  • Digital video recording - trends and technologies
  • Fire detection solutions
  • How real is system integration in CCTV operations?
  • Integrated solution for world heritage site
  • Looking good at Fancourt
  • Technology innovation a first for southern Africa
  • UK police launch flagship surveillance site

June 2003: Feature Articles

  • Comparing South African security internationally
  • Fire in the jailhouse
  • Sapref - access integrated with IT
  • The status quo in fire protection

May 2003: Feature Articles

  • Adopting the overlay principle
  • High-security for the mining industry
  • Impro in the mining sector
  • Integration is the solution for total security
  • Practical perspectives in evaluating digital surveillance systems
  • Preventing crime during jewellery trade shows
  • Safety critical for shopping centres
  • Surveillance a success at sporting event

April 2003: Feature Articles

  • 626 845 not out
  • ADT to manage customer lifecycle
  • Countering credit card fraud
  • Designing a security system that works
  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings - code of practice
  • Learning to think outside access control
  • Security at airports - an overview of the solutions in place
  • The hidden cost of white-collar crime
  • The threat of industrial and commercial espionage

March 2003: Feature Articles

  • A truly open architecture - the standard for access control
  • Behavioural strategies during business robberies
  • Integrated systems and offsite CCTV monitoring
  • Issues on CCTV effectiveness
  • The digital CCTV enigma - Part 2
  • West Burton powers up CCTV coverage

February 2003: Feature Articles

  • Centralised access control system for university
  • Choosing the right transmission medium for any application
  • How to cope with bomb and other terrorist threats in the mail
  • Security trends - what is in store in 2003?
  • Statement analysis takes lie detection to a new level
  • The digital CCTV enigma - Part 1
  • The future of technology enhanced human operations