1999  ⏷

Dec '99: Feature Articles

  • ASIS International Convention, Las vegas 1999
  • Cell Secure -Global Security Manager (GSM)
  • Communications security: encryption becomes affordable.
  • Considerations and thought on the security of tertiary institutions
  • Experiencing the 1999 ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits.
  • Major trends in the security industry.
  • Mutual Safe & Security, a safe manufacurer at heart.

November '99: Feature Articles

  • Bartronics Security Systems - designing and manufacturing security equipment for the future
  • Digicore's C-Track and Co-Driver the mainstay of a burgeoning business
  • Embedded networking using microcontrollers in an hotel room control system
  • Evaluation and selection of a fleet management product
  • Grintek System Technologies - a system engineering company focused on electronic system solutions
  • Matrix pioneers and extends the use of GSM and GPS technology for vehicle tracking and recovery
  • Observer 2000 - the first modular solution to optimise fleet management and vehicle tracking logistics

October 99: Feature Articles

  • SA Venture to Distribute Lenel's world class security system in SA.
  • Sempres offers space age asset management and protection systems.
  • Space-time imaging for secure environments.

September 99: Feature Articles

  • Applied Wavelet power - image compression, processing and recognition capability in the security market
  • Client involvement assures people - friendly access control
  • Everything you need to know about making ID cards - in 10 min or less!
  • Is time and attendance just an add-on to your access control system?
  • Reditron enhances its approach to electronic security, adds access control to its stable
  • State-of-the-art parking technology from PES

August '99: Feature Articles

  • Amethyst - guiding CCTV intruder detection towards the future .

July '99: Feature Articles

  • FireProActive - space age fire fighting technology
  • At last, IT departments can directly track assets to reduce their costs
  • COMSEC Technologies sees the formation of a major new technology force

June '99: Feature Articles

  • Electronic locking systems integrate access solutions.
  • Can RFID tags replace bar codes cost effectively?
  • Engaging in public-private partnerships
  • Fargo's HDP card printer sets new industry benchmark
  • Impro expands locally designed asset management range