2001  ⏷

December 2001: Feature Articles

  • Gas Extinguishing Standard - Part 7: Commissioning and acceptance
  • Last word: Which road will you take?
  • Lenses - considerations and choices
  • Managing conflict constructively
  • The house that Ivar built
  • TVMS installs SecureVu Novex at GoLogix

November 2001: Feature Articles

  • Gas extinguishing standard: Part 6
  • Gaseous systems: the importance of design, installation and maintenance
  • Glass break detectors ensure effective perimeter protection
  • Matrix vehicle tracking - providing a total solution
  • Maturing fleet management at freight company
  • Surveillance system helps CBD return to former glory
  • The cost of talking

October 2001: Feature Articles

  • Tshwete reverses plan to ban foreign investment in SA security companies
  • Advanced smoke and fire detection system for Internet infrastructure provider
  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems
  • Gas Extinguishing Standard: Part 5
  • ID credentials: trends and status
  • Personality and job profiles

September 2001: Feature Articles

  • Finding words when there are none
  • Access all areas
  • Changing the mindset around CCTV security contract personnel
  • Controlsoft becomes a global player in integrated solutions
  • Custom-designed biometric solutions
  • Facial recognition - overcoming the barriers
  • Flame detection
  • Gas extinguishing standard: Part 4
  • Unique security system expected to spearhead assault on world markets
  • Video transmission: digital video and audio remote monitoring

August 2001: Feature Articles

  • CCTV - consider the rental option
  • Discovery Health head office fire system: a case study
  • Fire alarm signalling
  • In-depth training helps customers avoid weak links
  • Information as a primary asset - an overview of today's security challenges
  • Joint venture is a boost for the local economy
  • Rack-mount DVR solution
  • Techpro - if their CCTV systems miss it, it must be invisible!
  • Trends in the industry - an interview with John Loftus
  • Video over IP networks for surveillance applications

July 2001: Feature Articles

  • Digital CCTV - where to within the retail environment?
  • Distributed intelligence
  • Gas extinguishing standard: Part 3
  • Invisible losses: the hidden side of retail fraud
  • Linking risk management with supply chain management efficiency
  • PAC access control system for Essex police
  • Poor economic conditions contribute to insurance fraud
  • South Africa through the wilderness
  • Stages in the development of groups and teams
  • The impact of RFID on retail
  • The state of the biometrics industry: the search for security and convenience
  • Unique solution for retail cash office security

June 2001: Feature Articles

  • Clean agent fire suppression systems
  • Customised security solution for Nigerian Bank
  • Digital video storage - how to make it work for you
  • Gas extinguishing standard - Part 2
  • Surveillance system increases productivity at plant
  • Why security should be a key player in due diligence investigation

May 2001: Feature Articles

  • Crash course
  • Development in fire detectors
  • Gas extinguishing standard - Part 1
  • Innovation and quality service ensures success for RDC
  • Manufacturing secure ID cards - Part 2
  • Motivating people at work
  • Seamless integration of digital video with security applications
  • Surveillance system leads to decrease in crime in Pretoria suburb
  • Understanding integration

March/April 2001: Feature Articles

  • A fire detection and security system in one
  • BSS - provider of Brilliant Security Solutions
  • CCTV and radio communication in High Wycombe
  • Fire panels - what to choose?
  • Forty-eight hours
  • Keep a clear, realtime eye on remote sites
  • Manufacturing secure ID cards - Part 1
  • One-stop solution to counter modern threats
  • Republiek Voedsel opts for digital surveillance and management system
  • Security and fire projects provide MTN with large FM200 system
  • Sensor Technologies makes its mark in Africa
  • The case for laser spot type detection

February 2001: Feature Articles

  • Business guide to continuity management: Part 2 of 2
  • Get your card transaction devices up to speed with Quatro Kinetics
  • In-depth training helps customers avoid weak links
  • Naval vessel gets detection system upgrade
  • Smoke detection systems - then and now
  • State-of-the-art parking system for shopping centre