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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018



November 2018: Feature Articles

  • NEC XON talks Industry 4.0 and disruption
  • Optimal selection of CCTV operators
  • Our dependence on cyber-connectivity
  • Border security: Technology or barriers?
  • The building blocks of safe and smart cities
  • How close has video analytics grown to AI?
  • The latest X-ray scanning solutions
  • 2018 product highlights
  • Managing business continuity and disaster recovery

October 2018: Feature Articles

  • Digital banking crime statistics
  • Breaking par for security at ­Woodhill
  • Keeping guarding personnel on mines safe
  • A platform for enabling IoT ­solutions
  • There’s more than one approach to video verification
  • Multiple cameras, one licence
  • Thermals with analytics are a ­winning combination
  • Effective edge security needs to be holistic
  • Basic cyber hygiene practices
  • Securing edge devices and the data they contain
  • Wise choices decrease fire risks

September 2018: Feature Articles

  • Cameras in the control room
  • The ever-changing dynamics of risk management
  • TAPA 2018 sponsors
  • Securing cargo for export
  • Making the right security decisions
  • The most important features of a management platform
  • Integrated anything
  • The human factor in control rooms

August 2018: Feature Articles

  • Buy local and unlock vast economic empowerment
  • Security in healthcare
  • The importance of CCTV training
  • iPulse rolls out Access Control-as-a-Service
  • The tough keep going
  • Facing the cybersecurity challenge
  • Control physical access to rack level

July 2018: Feature Articles

  • CCTV reviews and the display of relevant information
  • Where safety, security and Industry 4.0 meet
  • Protecting the machines
  • Securex 2018 pulls the (right) crowds
  • Advances in NVR and VMS capabilities
  • SLAs - Read the fine print
  • Securing your digital assets
  • The generations that matter

June 2018: Feature Articles

  • What is your CCTV really trying to do?
  • PoPI and the role of biometrics
  • Guarding your time with WFM solutions
  • Simplicity, standards and predictability
  • Bringing different systems into a cohesive solution
  • Intelligence and compliance ­depend on data governance
  • Data governance and security
  • The dark side of the Internet

May 2018: Feature Articles

  • Residential estate security conference 2018
  • The human factor in decision making
  • Best practices in intruder prevention
  • Combating the evolving threat of fraud
  • Making cents out of the security mix
  • More of the same, but more sophisticated
  • Make sure the channels are safe
  • Trust, but verify

Securex 2018 Preview: Feature Articles

  • Securex preview 2018

April 2018: Feature Articles

  • Social dynamics to stop crime ­before it happens
  • EU GDPR biometric compliance systems
  • Unlocking the potential of smart locks and key management
  • Fun, games and security
  • Multiple secure credentials in your hand
  • Reducing false alarms with Deep Learning
  • How to maintain cybersecurity across all your devices

March 2018: Feature Articles

  • Cyber-securing physical security
  • Keep your guard up
  • Extracting value from security
  • An insider eye on retail security
  • Cash crimes escalate

February 2018: Feature Articles

  • Anticipated trends in CCTV for 2018
  • What lies ahead in 2018?
  • Cybersecurity trends 2018
  • Let me out of here
  • Campus security must not fall
  • TAPA SA conference 2017
  • Decrypting encryption


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