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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory



May 2017: Feature Articles

  • Smart services reduce costs
  • The changing nature of CCTV surveillance and the demands of crisis handling
  • More than verification
  • From the inside out
  • Who maintains your fire detection system?
  • Trusted Platform Module explained

Securex 2017 preview: Feature Articles

  • Securex 2017 Preview

April 2017: Feature Articles

  • Storage and employee scheduling in hospitality
  • IP is for access control
  • Key management vs. electronic locks
  • The cloud and security
  • It’s still your data
  • Setting your security posture
  • Rational design principles
  • TSCM in the 21st century

March 2017: Feature Articles

  • Keeping shoppers safe
  • Modern techniques meet age-old problems
  • Intelligence and monitoring
  • Why cash needs to be protected
  • State of the guarding nation
  • Time to upgrade your access?
  • Think your smartcards are secure?
  • Big video on your doorstep
  • Solving the multi-billion rand problem
  • Fired up for safety

February 2017: Feature Articles

  • Using large display screens for effective CCTV surveillance
  • The ecosystem defines the why for safe cities
  • What makes a safe and smart city?
  • Elements of a safe city
  • Western Cape Improvement Districts get timely software and security boost
  • Are the rights of some more equal than the rights of others?
  • Education must not fall
  • Biometrics makes its mark at ­universities
  • Once again, Camprosa delivers
  • The toughest fire challenges?

November 2016: Feature Articles

  • 70th Anniversary: Elvey 1946-2016
  • Uncertain about PSiRA’s new plans
  • Polygraphs in the control room
  • Control your own privacy
  • Beyond line crossing
  • C3 shows off its fire skills

October 2016: Feature Articles

  • CCTV surveillance tracking and camera layout displays
  • Multi-modal security best for registered financial service providers
  • Trust but verify
  • Less is more
  • Multi-sensor surveillance in the entertainment industry
  • Is blockchain really a silver bullet?
  • After the data breach
  • Automated facilities and security management

September 2016: Feature Articles

  • New security training standards for South Africa
  • The mind, eye and hand speed and implications for slow motion viewing
  • Are you fire ready?
  • Why wireless, why hybrid?
  • Challenges line the road to success
  • Quality and support key driver for local manufacturing
  • Industrial security requires more than security
  • Protecting assets in transit
  • Eliminating the fear factor of IP-based megapixel video systems

August 2016: Feature Articles

  • Handbags, lipstick and screwdrivers
  • Technology failures
  • From platform to community
  • Beyond proprietary
  • The platform of choice
  • Remote is lekker, or is it?
  • A finger on the pulse of healthcare
  • More than meets the eye
  • Understanding the CCTV box you just bought
  • What is PCI DSS compliance?
  • Responding to a data breach
  • Is it your turn now?

July 2016: Feature Articles

  • The benefits of ONVIF membership
  • Securex 2016 roundup
  • Multi-sensor surveillance
  • Multifocal for the big and small picture
  • Beyond hospitality security
  • Investigating electronic locks and keys
  • Lethal tech combo to fight crime

June 2016: Feature Articles

  • Is technology outpacing operator capability?
  • Loose lips sink ships
  • Untapped potential in government security
  • You can have a guard, or you can have a guarding solution
  • Insight into intruder solutions
  • Backup power how-to guide
  • Power management in Africa
  • Data breach readiness

May 2016: Feature Articles

  • Fire detector types and selection
  • Balancing CCTV surveillance and physical security or policing
  • Beating the economic cutbacks
  • PSIM market predictions
  • A multi-pronged approach to security
  • Conveyor belt fire detection
  • Cutting building management costs
  • Alarm communication into Africa
  • Reducing perimeter false alarms

April 2016: Feature Articles

  • Integration not simple, but beneficial
  • One platform for everything
  • Privacy and visitor management
  • Holistic approach to people management
  • Effective rostering improves ­security, reduces costs
  • Digitally transforming identity ­relationships

March 2016: Feature Articles

  • Taking shrinkage seriously
  • Automated cash management is king
  • Asset management and tracking
  • When, not if
  • Fire safety for warehouses

February 2016: Feature Articles

  • The CCTV control room manager profile
  • Cyber security outlook
  • It’s not you, it’s me
  • Integrated technology critical to success
  • Ethernet over non-standard copper cabling

January 2016: Feature Articles

  • LPR insight from Arecont
  • LPR taking shape in Johannesburg
  • The impact of culture on CCTV protection and privacy
  • Five pillars to a safer city
  • Smart means integration
  • CAMPROSA 2015 review
  • Access control remains a priority
  • Products of the Year


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