2022  ⏷

CCTV Handbook 2022: Feature Articles

  • 2022 trends in video surveillance
  • Home automation hangs on security
  • Leaning into the edge
  • Optimising edge analytics
  • Smartphone capabilities and CCTV
  • The benefits of VSaaS
  • The impact of AI-enhanced video analytics on control room personnel
  • To be or not to be, is that the objective?
  • Tracking surveillance into the future

Issue 3 2022: Feature Articles

  • All-mobile people management solution with facial recognition
  • Are you your insider threat?
  • AURA partners with OUTsurance
  • Enhance security and sustainability
  • Fire safety in financial organisations
  • Improving biometrics to address privacy, scale and accuracy
  • Integrated personal security that travels with you
  • IoT provides assurance in ESG initiatives
  • New innovations in bomb protection and cash storage
  • Passion, drive and hard work
  • The cybersecurity consolidation conundrum
  • The leading indicators of corruption
  • The supervisor role in control rooms
  • What just happened?
  • Zero Trust in financial services

Securex Preview 2022: Feature Articles

  • Securex Preview 2022

Issue 2 2022: Feature Articles

  • More to expect from Securex 2022
  • Perimeter and fire protection
  • Registration for Securex now open
  • Securex 2022 exhibitors serve up the best in security
  • Touchless school access control
  • Why companies do CCTV control room surveillance training

Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Estate Living : Feature Articles

  • Alternative power options for estates
  • Body-worn cameras on estates
  • Elements of perimeter security
  • Estate d’Afrique security upgrade
  • Secure by Design
  • Securing a gated golf and residential community
  • Securing your estate’s technology
  • Smartest hydropower station in the world
  • The more things change, the more they stay the same
  • What keeps estate managers up at night in 2022?

Issue 1 2022: Feature Articles

  • 2022 trends and predictions from Cybereason’s CEO
  • ASIS International appoints first president from South Africa
  • Biometrics improving the world
  • Integrated security for smart building management
  • Privacy is now mission critical
  • Securex, A-OSH Expo, Facilities Management Expo and now Firexpo confirmed for 2022
  • The supply chain pandemic

Access & Identity Management Handbook 2022: Feature Articles

  • A global digital identity network
  • Analyse your building management
  • Digital identity trust instead of exploitation
  • Integration crucial for manufacturers
  • Selfie and ID card verification for onboarding
  • The services model adds value
  • Three reasons to install fingerprint readers

Smart Cybersecurity Handbook 2022: Feature Articles

  • Cybersecurity is now a digital transformation imperative
  • Cyber trends for 2022
  • Cybersecurity for the board of directors
  • Getting the basics right
  • Partnering to make South Africa more cyber secure
  • Providing real-time visibility
  • The worst of times