2024  ⏷

SMART Estate Security 2024: Feature Articles

  • SMART Estate Security returns to KZN
  • SMART and secure estates in Cape Town
  • Autonomous construction site protection
  • Building a solid foundation
  • Creating employment through entrepreneurship
  • Resident management app shows significant growth
  • Using KPIs to measure smart city progress

June 2024: Feature Articles

  • 2024 Southern Africa OSPAs winners announced

May 2024: Feature Articles

  • Do you need a virtual CIO?
  • Local manufacturing is still on the rise
  • NEC XON shares lessons learned from ransomware attacks

SMART Surveillance 2024: Feature Articles

  • Forbatt SA to distribute and support Tiandy in South Africa
  • AI enables security solutions to define business strategies
  • AI-enabled tools reducing time to value and enhancing application security
  • On-camera AI and storage create added benefits
  • Perspectives on personal care monitoring and smart surveillance
  • Putting cyber into surveillance
  • Surveillance on the edge
  • The TCO of cloud surveillance

April 2024: Feature Articles

  • 2024 State of Security Report
  • Are we our own worst enemy?
  • Cyberthreats facing SMBs
  • How to spot a cyberattack if you are not a security pro
  • Protecting IP and secret data in the age of AI
  • Super election year increases risks of political violence

March 2024: Feature Articles

  • Global Identity Fraud Report revealing eight-month ‘mega-attack’
  • Integrated information platform for risk management
  • Risk management: There's an app for that
  • The CIPC hack has potentially serious consequences
  • Unlocking Africa's AI potential

SMART Mining Security Solutions 2024: Feature Articles

  • A constant armed struggle
  • A long career in mining security
  • Enhance control rooms with surveillance and intelligence
  • Reliable underground communications

SMART Access & Identity 2024: Feature Articles

  • Access & identity expectations for 2024
  • Access and identity in 2024
  • AI-driven identity verification for access control
  • The promise of mobile credentials

February 2024: Feature Articles

  • Entries to southern Africa OSPA Awards now open
  • Securex has moved to June

January 2024: Feature Articles

  • Advanced security solution for high-risk areas
  • ASSA ABLOY acquires Amecor in South Africa
  • Beagle Watch adds fire to its portfolio
  • Cyberattacks the #1 cause of business outages
  • Insights from SMART Security Solutions
  • Nology races to end 2023
  • Obscure Technologies spotlights Africa’s growth potential
  • The triad of business success: people, process and technology
  • Top tech trends for small businesses