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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018

Security Services & Risk Management

Preventing crime during jewellery trade shows
May 2003

There are effective crime preventative strategies that can be adopted before, during and immediately after a jewellery trade show, which can help minimise the risk for potentially very damaging losses

Guarding partnership launched
May 2003

A new approach to guarding is set to change the face of what has long been viewed as the 'poor relation' of the local security industry. To date, guarding has always been viewed as the low end of the ...

Countering credit card fraud
April 2003

A new standard is being introduced worldwide, called EMV, which should go a long way to countering skimming and forged card practices

The hidden cost of white-collar crime
April 2003

According to the KPMG fraud awareness survey, only 20% of respondents reported detected fraud to the police, meaning that 80% of detected fraudulent activity went unrecorded

Write-once storage system
April 2003, Sherlotronics SA

JVC has designed and manufactured a write-once storage system, the high-speed WORM appliance. This new system incorporates mass permanent storage and fast access inside one individual unit. Easily integrated ...

Security at airports - an overview of the solutions in place
April 2003

Trace detectors are remarkably sensitive to small traces of explosive and explosive residue is like a fingerprint on a window, hard to completely remove

The threat of industrial and commercial espionage
April 2003

Industrial and commercial espionage can be defined as a predetermined and unauthorised attempt to obtain information, from individuals, companies and organisations that would normally be withheld

Stun-guns to be tested by UK police
April 2003

Five police forces in the United Kingdom are to take part in operational trials of a stun-gun that can incapacitate a suspect temporarily with a high-voltage shock in dangerous situations where, previously, ...

Trac-Tech releases disposable guard monitoring baton
April 2003

Trac-Tech has launched South Africa's first disposable guard monitoring baton. According to Jonathan Kahn, managing director of Trac-Tech, the security industry has a serious problem managing the ongoing ...

SA ID book 'one of the easiest in world' to forge
March 2003

The South African ID book is one of the easiest in the world to forge due to its lack of security features, and with at the very least several thousand such fakes in circulation, has become a serious ...

85% of 'worst frauds' committed by employees
March 2003

A shocking 85% of the worst frauds in business worldwide were committed by employees, an increase of over 3% on the previous year, says Mariaan van Kaam, executive director of VoiceIT South Africa, and ...

Behavioural strategies during business robberies
March 2003

During a robbery it is vital for the victims to avoid irrational forms of behaviour that may seriously compromise theirs and others' safety

Air tube systems beef up supermarket security
March 2003

Swisslog's software-controlled air tube systems have added considerable muscle to the security of cash-handling at two of Johannesburg's busier supermarkets. At the recently built Pick 'n Pay outlet ...

Cost-effective guard monitoring
February 2003

GuardTrack manufactures a wide range of guard monitoring equipment to suit most applications. Catering for a single site 'GuardTrack Lite' is a cost-effective monitoring solution. Where more power is ...

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