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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory

August 2015

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From the editors desk

Marketing vs. reality

The security industry has really got its work cut out for it. In South Africa, most of us are more focused on the physical security side of things due to the country’s extreme levels of crime and the ...

  CCTV, crime and consequences
Leaderware, CCTV, Surveillance

We install CCTV systems because we expect people to be aware that they are under camera surveillance and to adjust their behaviour accordingly.

  Access control and surveillance gain ground
Axis Communications SA, ASSA ABLOY South Africa, ZKTeco, This Week's Editor's Pick, CCTV, Surveillance, Access Control, Identity Management, Healthcare (Industry)

While the uptake of security systems in healthcare facilities has been slower than in the commercial and retail sectors, there is a growing awareness of the importance of securing employees, patients and visitors.

  TAPA South African Workgroup Conference
Technews Publishing, This Week's Editor's Pick, Training, Conferences & Events

The South African Workgroup of the Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA), held its annual conference in July at Emperors Palace.

  Security industry continues to impress
Technews Publishing, This Week's Editor's Pick, News, Training, Conferences & Events

Hi-Tech Security Solutions took some time out to visit IFSEC UK once again this year to keep an eye on what’s happening internationally in the security market.

  Management platforms in the spotlight
Milestone Systems, Pelco by Schneider Electric, CCTV, Surveillance, Access Control, Identity Management, Enterprise Solutions, Remote Monitoring

Management platforms are advancing, incorporating intelligence and generally trying to differentiate themselves. As such, third-party integration is becoming standard and proprietary systems are becoming harder to find.

  Open systems enable change, advancement
Johnson Controls, Enterprise Solutions, System Integration

Two key arguments for the adoption of open security management platforms are the fact that no two businesses have the same security needs, and the constantly evolving protocols, standards, features and technologies.

  Solution based approach
Security & Communication Warehouse, CCTV, Surveillance, Enterprise Solutions, System Integration

The most critical approach to any successful solution design should be an open platform approach.

  Control room considerations
Sensor Security Systems, Security Services & Risk Management, System Integration

The ever growing CCTV market in South Africa requires more control rooms to monitor all the systems. These control rooms range from fairly basic and inadequate, to complete building integration control hubs.

  The urban environment and security
This Week's Editor's Pick, Security Services & Risk Management

Many people have come to believe that purchasing a solution will prevent crime. However, technology is only one of the components of successful crime prevention.

  Mobile surveillance cameras ­ensure best first response
CCTV, Surveillance, Enterprise Solutions

Researchers at Cambridge University’s Institute of Criminology report a 59% drop in use-of-force by officers wearing body-worn technology and an 87% drop in complaints against officers.

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