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April 2014

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From the editors desk

Biometrics galore

Before I get onto this month’s editor’s note, have you received your CCTV Handbook 2014 with Hi-Tech Security Solutions? You should have. It’s awesome and you shouldn’t miss it. If your Handbook was ...

  Technology can transform the public safety

Hi-Tech Security Solutions was invited to a conference discussing Motorola Solution’s offerings in the public safety/safe city environment.

  How integrated is commercial security?
Bidvest Magnum Technology, iPulse Systems, Westcon Security, Retail (Industry)

Frustration over disparate security and building management systems is driving commercial operations to consider the advantages of integrating everything on one platform. The level of integration depends primarily on the budgetary constraints and integration savvy of the end users. And let’s not forget the onus of complying with the PoPI Act.

  Keeping data secure
Securicom IT Solutions, Information Security

With the ongoing trend to move data offsite on mobile devices, can we truly find ways of ensuring that this data is secure from prying hands and eyes? And is data security for mobile devices different from that for supposedly office- or home-bound data?

  Mobile security from the cloud
Information Security

Despite the widely publicised losses resulting from targeted attacks, many SMBs have not taken action to address mobile device security. Research Now found that fewer than half of the enterprises surveyed had implemented a security solution.

  Smartcard solutions for higher education
Asset Management, EAS, RFID, Identity Management

Colleges and universities must keep their campuses safe in as cost-effective manner as is possible. At the same time, each school has its own set of unique demands and challenges, requiring flexible system architectures that satisfy today’s demands while providing the foundation to meet future security needs.

  Out of office mobile security
Technews Publishing, IT infrastructure in security

Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked two local experts to talk about securing our mobility. On the one hand, we spoke to Riaan Badenhorst, MD at Kaspersky Lab South Africa about securing our smartphones in general, on the other we spoke to Robert Krumm, consulting systems engineer for Ruckus Wireless EMEA about secure Wi-Fi use in public hotspots.

  Securing your IT infrastructure
Technews Publishing, IT infrastructure in security

Hi-Tech Security Solutions wants to know what the current best practices are when it comes to securing your IT infrastructure. It’s not only data and users that are at risk; in an IP world, your network infrastructure carries security data as well, which can be intercepted and used against you.

  Big data’s next conquest: physical security
Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Big data is a big business. Companies everywhere are tapping into big data to transform themselves. Still, for all its notoriety, big data is hard to pin down.


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