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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory

October 2014

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From the editors desk

Qui custodit vigilum?

It’s amazing to see how the security industry works. It seems so dull and boring (unless you happen to be a security officer, in which case you prefer dull and boring as it gets very dangerous otherwise). ...

  Creating a secure financial sector environment
Technews Publishing, Financial (Industry)

Securing the financial sector presents a special challenge since institutions need to attract and welcome clientele, while simultaneously ensuring that money is secure. Hi-Tech Security Solutions looks at how balance is achieved.

  Is finance available in the security sector?
Technews Publishing, Financial (Industry)

How do end users and developers finance their security installations? Are distributors providing finance or do customers rely on financial institutions to bankroll their projects? Is security a safe bet and does it provide return on investment?

  Thermal imaging for port security
Pelco by Schneider Electric, CCTV, Surveillance, Case Studies

Port security is no small task, yet increasingly, security operators are asked to assume more responsibilities with static, if not shrinking, budgets.

  Thermals secures largest airport in Germany
FLIR Commercial Systems, CCTV, Surveillance

Fraport opted for a combination consisting of a fence, over 50 CCTV cameras and about 40 thermal imaging cameras in sensitive areas of the security perimeter.

  Next-generation EnviroMist/GreenMist technology
Brigit Fire, Fire & Safety

Fire prevention company Brigit Systems recently hosted a presentation at its new headquarters in Honeydew to introduce the EnviroMist/GreenMist range of watermist fire suppression systems to the local market.

  Improve guard management with data
Betatrac Telematic Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management

BetaTrac is about to change the face of guarding by assisting service providers and clients by providing accurate reporting and real-time tracking, as well as improved fleet management services through the intelligent use of technology and data.

  Image stabilisation examined
Axis Communications SA, CCTV, Surveillance

Image stabilisation should be regarded as a prerequisite for cameras with zoom lenses, so they can be used optimally also in windy weather or other unfavourable circumstances.

  Improved security coverage in hypermarket chain
Hikvision, CCTV, Surveillance

Hundreds of Hikvision cameras protect fast growing retail chain in the Persian Gulf.

  Success lies in technology integration
Enterprise Solutions

Future success of commercial property security lies in technology integration.

  To maintain or not to maintain
Technews Publishing, News

Maintenance of security equipment is one of those topics everybody agrees about in principle, but often causes problems when it’s time to sign the cheque.

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