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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory

September 2014

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From the editors desk

Integration and information is the name of the game

If you’re a regular Hi-Tech Security Solutions subscriber (do you follow our LinkedIn Group?), you’ll know that we’re about to launch our 2015 version of the Hi-Tech Security Business Directory, the most ...

  From POPI to profit
Technews Publishing, Training, Conferences & Events

iLegal 2014 was a resounding success with presentations covering trends, legal ­issues, best practices, the implementation of technology in real world settings and advice on obtaining a return on your security investment.

  The convergence of industrial security and life safety
Honeywell Security Group, Industrial (Industry), Enterprise Solutions

Sensor integration, IP networks and GIS-based situational awareness enable ­convergence of industrial security and life safety.

  Turning up the heat on solar field security
Axis Communications SA, Industrial (Industry)

Las Positas College uses Axis thermal cameras and bright halogen lights to protect its $4,5 million renewable energy project.

  Choosing a standards-compliant installer
Fire & Safety

The fire/smoke and gas detection and/or suppression industry has undergone a radical shakeup in the past few years, with more stringent control over installers being put in place to alleviate substandard workmanship.

  Ensuring your fire/smoke installation is up to par
Technews Publishing, Fire & Safety

At the basis of every successful fire/smoke/gas detection and/or suppression system is the willingness of the customer to complete background checks on the installer and the products he is punting.

  Wireless technology grows in popularity
Technews Publishing, Fire & Safety

While there will always be a place for hardwired technology, underlined by wireless technology’s unsuitability in certain geographic environments, wireless will continue to grow in popularity.

  Perimeter security essentials – III
RJ Connect, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

With a background in industrial networks for the mining environments, Roger Powell, senior sales representative at RJ Connect has written a three-part series highlighting some of the best practices in residential security. This is the final article in the series.

  Unlocking key management
Access Control, Identity Management

Key control and asset management technology is a reliable and cost effective method to improve security by ensuring that facility keys are properly managed with regard to access, storage and tracking.

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