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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018


Mobile law enforcement device
September 2002

In a boost to traffic law enforcement, Face Technologies, a subsidiary of IT solutions provider arivia.kom, and SyGade, a developer of electronic payment and mobile commerce products, have signed an agreement ...

Commander provides effective integration
September 2002

Developed by UK-based North Communications and now available in South Africa, the Commander makes the connection between building-control systems and the worldwide web. The Commander is equipped with ...

Aluvin upgrades robust locking devices
July 2002, UTC Fire & Security SSA

Aluvin Securiseal, a manufacturer and distributor of security seals, has upgraded its robust locking devices that are used to help secure trailer doors. Added to the range is the new mechatronic re-usable ...

What is new in retail security technology?
July 2002

Internal or staff theft represents the most significant source of shrinkage

Electronic locking systems - security, convenience and cost
July 2002

The new generation of programmable electronic locks and electronic locking systems offers new features, advantages and benefits to security professionals and their users

Technology could ease new border security concerns
July 2002

Using biometrics and tracking technologies can pare the wait at borders from hours to a few minutes, keeping commerce rolling

Proximity tag with adhesive back
July 2002, Security & Communication Warehouse

The MicroProx Tag provides the convenience of HID's proximity technology in a small disk-shaped transponder. Simply attach the adhesive-backed tag to any nonmetallic card or device, and one instantly ...

Cricket fans can look forward to a people-friendly but safe ICC Cricket World Cup-SA 2003
June 2002

The first stage in the security logistics 'Game plan' for the Cricket World Cup was the creation of a Security Directorate in March last year

Bomb-proof bins come indoors
May 2002

Blast engineering company Aigis has developed a bin which, it claims, will completely contain a bomb blast indoors in busy places such as airports and stations. The new bin incorporates existing ...

Unique solution for protecting products
March/April 2002

A molecular lock and key technology for protecting goods, especially major brands, against counterfeiting and brand corruption or dilution, has been launched to help save millions of pounds for product ...

Putting suspects in the picture
March/April 2002

A technique which turns eye-witnesses' descriptions into a realistic picture image is likely to give police investigating crimes a more accurate picture of potential suspects in the future. The evolutionary ...

Durable seals for cargo industry
March/April 2002, UTC Fire & Security SSA

Aluvin Securiseal, a company that carries a full range of relevant seals for the cargo industry, has recently introduced three new models developed in the United States by E.J. Brooks. The new seals ...

New generation electronic locks
March/April 2002

The Cifitrónica access control system, marketed locally by TeqTrader, is a new generation of electronic locks suitable for integrated or autonomous hotel locking solutions. The multi-user, network configurable ...

Latest technology for security seal
December 2001

With Siris, a new technology security seal, manufacturer Unisto says it has given the South African market a product that offers cost effectiveness, high quality and security. Siris is the result of 75 ...

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