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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2018

Asset Management, EAS, RFID

Migros of Switzerland chooses RF for everything from hardware products to food.
August '99

Checkpoint recently announced with Migros, the largest retail chain in Switzerland with net revenues of $12 billion that it has chosen radio frequency (RF) source tagging for chain-wide implementation ...

Bartronics product of the month - asset protection.What is it?
August '99

Companies lose millions every year to assets 'walking out' of company premises, most of which is through people who are known to, or are employed by the company. Many methods are used to get assets ...

High density printed code brings biometric ID costs down to new lows.
August '99

Datastrip has released a new version of its 2D bar code which is capable of storing over 2 kbytes of machine-readable text, image or binary data on a compact strip that can be printed ...

CNA - first with security.
August '99

CNA's policy of being 'first with the goodies' has resulted in the signing of the largest single EAS order in South Africa to date. CNA recently signed an order for the additional installation of Checkpoint's ...

Sensormatic and Intermec announce stategic alliance to produce RFID smartEAS systems.
August '99

Sensormatic Electronics and Intermec Technologies, a UNOVA company, have announced an agreement in which the two companies will develop integrated electronic security and radio frequency identification ...

RFID Glossary of Terms.
August '99

Active RFID tags - Battery operated tags. These tags can transmit over the greatest distances, and have corresponding higher prices. Active tags will most likely be used in RFID tracking of pallets, trucks ...

Active RFID tagging - the vehicle to Real Time Resource Control
July '99

Active RFID tagging - the vehicle to Real Time Resource Control Eight months ago, when the newly formed company Automated Identification Technologies had a workshop with its advertising agency to discuss ...

Chubb enlists EasiRun in bid for security market dominance.
June '99

Chubb Electronic Security has replaced manual processing of its customer base with a sophisticated automated billing system from EasiRun Software, which complements Chubb's core Impact accounting package. ...

Sensormatic launches latest Delta Dome,Cure 800,Intellex products.
June '99

According to Sensormatic's Brian Hill, analogue video recording and storage devices are on their way out. Analogue time lapse VCR's (TLVCR) have been with us for some time, but have had their inherent ...

A facilities manager wears many hats.
June '99

"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at something worth doing." Certainly the chance to offer a safe office environment, make workspaces accessible to those ...

The Year 2000 Bug - A Facilities Management response
June '99

The latest 1998 publication from the Centre for Facilities Management focuses on the topical issue of the year 2000 computer bug (more commonly known as the Millennium Bug). The report explains that it ...

At last, IT departments can directly track assets to reduce their costs
July '99

How can you tell if a department’s employees are making use of their portability? Already, many diverse systems are being integrated – asset management, access control, human resources, help desks, fixed asset accounting, among others – and new ones are constantly being added to attack these problems.

Impro expands locally designed asset management range
June '99, MAMI

The introduction of the Psi-Scan unit, permits the identification and management of assets by means of a combination of electronic tags.

Can RFID tags replace bar codes cost effectively?
June '99

Both of these commentaries seem to be based on the premise that because a barcode label is integrated into the display packaging of the product, it is very cheap. Surely the real issue is what are the ...

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