Migros of Switzerland chooses RF for everything from hardware products to food.

August '99 Asset Management, EAS, RFID

Checkpoint recently announced with Migros, the largest retail chain in Switzerland with net revenues of $12 billion that it has chosen radio frequency (RF) source tagging for chain-wide implementation as the single best solution for Migros' wide range of products. Migros runs 233 department stores, 306 supermarkets 89 do-it-yourself and 141 home electronics stores with a broad product range including everything from CDs, videos, cosmetics, books, apparel, shoes, toys, sports, tools, food, home electronics, computers and software. Migros is moving aggressively to implement source tagging by installing RF systems chain-wide. With a market-share in Switzerland of 43% and in do-it-yourself of 33%, Migros' selection of RF represents an important acknowledgement of the penetration of RF as the premier technology for source tagging.

Radio frequency systems were chosen following a two-year research and in-store study conducted by a Migros task force. The company formed the task force to define the leading technology for source tagging as well as a technology that could be implemented throughout its diverse retail operations. The task force investigated all aspects of source tagging including label flexibility and pricing, deactivation qualities and procedures, system features including false alarm rates, costs, health-related concerns, future technology and worldwide trends. Migros further wanted to protect its investment by choosing a technology that incorporates a seamless transition to RFID.

Bruno Stilhart, a member of the Migros task force, commented: "The worldwide technology trend in supermarkets and other retail segments for source tagging, proved to be radio frequency (RF). RF allows rapid checkout due to integrated scan-deactivation and is the safest technology concerning personal health threats of our customers and employees. Checkpoint's products deliver all the benefits we need with the additional benefit of being the leader in the development of RFID, the next evolution in source tagging.

"Migros will be in a perfect position to seamlessly implement RFID as the next technology in source tagging, because of these RF installations," said Neil O'Reilly, MD of Checkpoint SA.

For details contact Lynda Jordaan of Checkpoint on tel: (011) 450 2851, fax: (011) 450 2921 or e-mail: cpes@icon.co.za

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