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Issue 4 2021 Fire & Safety

Technoswitch is a South African ISO 9001:2015 certified company that designs, manufactures, imports and sells high-quality fire detection, suppression and control equipment.

With headquarters, manufacturing and training facilities in Johannesburg, Technoswitch has been supplying and providing technical support for high-quality fire detection products into sub-Saharan Africa for the past 47 years.

Exceptional technical expertise, extensive industry knowledge and the fact that the company prides itself on its superior standard of customer service and support make Technoswitch the perfect fire detection and suppression products supplier.

Technoswitch designs and manufactures more than 50 products for the fire detection and suppression industry at its headquarters in Honeydew, Johannesburg. The products manufactured are conventional fire control panels, extinguishing control panels, power supplies, customised fire detection and control equipment and numerous fire detection and suppression interfaces and peripherals. All these products are used in various industries, with the majority being installed in the mining and industrial environments due to their proven reliability.

One of the main reasons Technoswitch has continued its manufacturing presence is that it operates in a niche market and has gained years of relevant industry experience. This experience translates into the ability to develop products for its client base from the concept stage, which will also comply with the applicable industry standards. Examples of its custom-designed products are:

• TEC601 19-inch Rack Extinguishing Control Panel – an all-in-one fire and extinguishing rack-mountable control system to protect electronic equipment in 19-inch server room cabinets. The TEC601 can detect a fire and release an aerosol suppression medium via either the built-in or externally mounted Stat-X aerosol generators. Signals can be sent to other devices from the relay outputs for fire, fault and discharge conditions.

• The COBRA range of Air Purge Units with built-in flame, ember and linear heat detection (LHD) interfaces. These panels can be used outdoors in conjunction with flame, ember and/or linear heat detectors supplied by Technoswitch. The customised COBRA panels provide several features for the optimum operation of the connected detectors, especially when installed in outdoor or dirty environments. Typical applications are conveyor belt protection.

Technoswitch is flexible and able to customise its products when required, a significant advantage since most international companies tend to be more rigid in this regard and are not always able to perform customisations on their products.

Technoswitch is also continually working to enhance its existing products and develop its product range. For example, the successful ORYX range of conventional fire control panels was introduced in 2016. It recently launched the first phase of the second-generation ORYX panels (2- and 4-zone panels) enriched with high-end functionality that includes programmable inputs and outputs, as well as an event log. The SOLAR software application is used to customise the panel’s programmable features, providing flexibility not generally associated with conventional panels.


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