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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory

June 2015

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No effect at all

There has been an enormous amount of discomfort in the South African security industry lately after the Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Act had the 51% clause sneaked into it – who would ...

  The increasing pace of technology advancement
News, Information Security

The trouble with thinking about technology advancements is that the rate of past progress does not predict the rate of future progress.

  Huawei holds Safe City Africa Summit in Cape Town
IT infrastructure in security, Enterprise Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management, Remote Monitoring

Huawei held its Safe City Africa Summit in Cape Town in April as a platform for more than 400 industry members to share insights, development trends and global success stories on public safety in cities.

  Using technology to increase mine health and safety
Leaderware, Mining (Industry)

There has been increasing pressure on mining operations to focus on the safety and security of their personnel. This is especially pertinent to underground operations, but is also applicable where processing of minerals and ore takes place.

  Security needs to step into the modern era
Xone Integrated Security, Mining (Industry)

The effective use of technology and incident management systems in a command and control scenario on mines can improve safety, operational performance and even prevent labour unrest.

  IP delivers more than images
Milestone Systems, Mining (Industry)

Many of the world’s mines are improving operations by migrating from analogue to more sophisticated digital video surveillance systems.

  BMW SA develops intelligent Risk Control Centre
Security Services & Risk Management

The BMW plant in Rosslyn is responsible for building the luxurious BMW 3-Series sedans for sale in South Africa and abroad. The security division of BMW SA is responsible for ensuring the security of the property as well as its associates.

  Stepping into the skills gap
ADI Global Distribution, Elvey Security Technologies, Regal Distributors SA, Training, Conferences & Events

How are South African security technology providers helping to mitigate the skills shortage in South Africa?

  Image stabilisation – improving camera usability
Axis Communications SA, CCTV, Surveillance

Increasing pixel density, higher resolution and more powerful zooms have not only made cameras more sensitive to vibrations, but have also made viewers more susceptible and prone to noticing them.

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Cover Story
Access Control
CCTV, Surveillance
IT infrastructure in security
Security Services & Risk Management
System Integration
Training, Conferences & Events

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