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July 2014

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From the editors desk

Home is where the surveillance is

South Africa is generally pretty isolated from the big news happenings in the First World and we sometimes only feel the effects of global events long after, which is fortunate in some cases and unfortunate ...

  A ruinous amendment?

Minister of Police’s rationale for the introduction of this local ownership provision is chiefly based on the grounds of national security. However, such claims have not been substantiated.

  Overcoming security isolation
Leaderware, News, Training, Conferences & Events

Security has an interesting mix of traditional values and approaches, new operational functions, and one of the most dynamically changing technology system capabilities there is. The technology changes go beyond simple IT to innovative technology across a whole range of innovative and cutting edge technologies.

  Wide scope for remote ­monitoring services
Technews Publishing, Remote Monitoring

Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked a few remote monitoring operators to join us at a round table to look at the offsite monitoring market from the point of view of a service provider.

  A boom market for suppliers
Technews Publishing, Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring growing rapidly, there is not only a growing market for remote service providers, but also for companies supplying and installing the technology that makes this service work.

  An integrated approach to entertainment security
Technews Publishing, Entertainment and Hospitality (Industry)

So how does one reduce the inconvenience to visitors and patrons of hotels, gaming facilities and stadia while concurrently ensuring maximised security for both the patrons and the facility’s assets?

  Safer ship travel with XProtect
Milestone Systems, Entertainment and Hospitality (Industry)

Twenty-three network cameras from Axis Communications were installed, with XProtect Professional video management software from Milestone Systems to secure the MS Nordlys after a fire destroyed the old analogue system.

  Making security systems pay for themselves
Technews Publishing, News

Security systems are typically perceived as grudge purchases, however, Hi-Tech Security Solutions finds out that in many instances, security installations could easily pay for themselves with the added value they could provide.

  IFSEC SA 2014 gets it right
Technews Publishing, Training, Conferences & Events, News

Perhaps it’s just me, but I found this year’s IFSEC SA to be one of the most interesting in a while, despite the absence of a few traditionally big exhibitors.

  Perimeter security essentials
RJ Connect, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection, Identity Management

With a background in industrial networks for the mining environments, Roger Powell, senior sales representative at RJ Connect has written a three-part series highlighting some of the best practices in residential security.

  Security and cloud computing
Technews Publishing, Security Services & Risk Management, IT infrastructure in security

Who hasn’t heard of cloud computing, but how secure is your cloud provider and your data, and who is responsible for your data once in the cloud?


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