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Access Control & Identity Management

Visiting visitor management
October 2013, Bartrans, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

As visitor management becomes more important to control who enters a building or business park, we’re seeing more technology being adopted to allow management companies to better control access.

The importance of visitor ­management for installers
October 2013, HID Global, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

Many security dealers and integrators overlook visitor management. It doesn’t often carry the high system sales cost of access control or CCTV systems. But the fact is that a modern, professional visitor ...

Pitfalls to avoid when migrating to an enterprise solution
October 2013, Tyco Security Products

The main factor to keep in mind when you begin to plan the migration to an enterprise access control solution is preparation. You need to know what resources are available to you, who the key players are to help you in this process, and how to develop a solid plan to get the system up and running successfully.

Choose your biometric carefully
October 2013, Ideco Biometrics

Biometrics may soon be commonplace in the SA workplace, but do you really know how to select a reliable solution? Marius Coetzee offers practical advice in selecting a biometric solution.

Mathematics at the heart of biometrics
October 2013, Virdi Distribution SA

Biometric algorithms are complex logical mathematical equations and the complexity of the algorithm ultimately determines the success of the biometric device.

Biometrics and T&A, a match made in heaven
October 2013

Time and attendance (T&A) technologies have come a long way from the day when workers clocked in by punching cards on the way into factories. Today biometrics has changed the game and delivered enormous benefits.

Using biometrics to beat fraud
October 2013, Bytes Systems Integration

With fraud on the increase in the financial and retail markets, Nick Perkins from Bytes talks about the BNT acquisition and the identity life cycle.

Access and surveillance integrated
October 2013, neaMetrics, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

SmartProtect links all access control events from BioStar (Suprema’s access control management system) to Milestone, linking specific camera feeds to Suprema access readers. The SmartProtect plug in stores the access events next to the video feed related to accessing the premises.

Maturing security market requires value add
October 2013, iPulse Systems

Gary Chalmers, CEO of iPulse Systems, spoke to Hi-Tech Security Solutions about the changes he sees the security industry, and specifically the access control industry going through, which are similar to the changes the IT industry went through about 10 years ago.

Optimising your workforce
October 2013, Technews Publishing, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

The term Workforce Management is becoming more common in the security industry as more companies integrate technologies and processes to gain operational and cost efficiencies. But what does workforce management entail?

Selling biometrics to your employees
October 2013, Uniclox Technologies

In some cases, companies implementing biometrics will initially receive employee resistance with the issues of privacy and hygiene taking centre stage. This will invariably be the case if a union is involved and looking for negotiating points.

The business of identity
October 2013

How to reduce risk and accelerate and secure business processes throughout the workplace by applying the fundamental rules that drive identity management.

Managing identity in the workplace
October 2013

Accurate identity authentication simply has to be the foundation for accurate identity management. If we can’t positively identify people, then what hope do we have for managing their access and activities?

Biometric fingerprint technology still dominates
October 2013, ZKTeco

While biometric facial recognition access technology is gaining some ground in the market, fingerprint technology continues to retain a 90% share. The biggest obstacles to the ready adoption of facial recognition technology, after its price, are the physical restraints.

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