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Access Control & Identity Management

Business-driven IAM
October 2013

This white paper by RSA Aveksa, explains why today’s IAM systems fail to properly reflect business context, describes why embracing business-driven identity and access management (BDIAM) reduces costs while increasing security, and describes a step-by-step methodology for implementing it.

Enemy at the gates
October 2013

The potential for unauthorised access to sensitive data and intellectual property presents a constant, pervasive threat to the brand equity, competitive posture and reputation of any enterprise.

Trust but verify
October 2013, HID Global

The term "trust but verify" captures the practical reality of a world in which so many of our interactions occur online and we need mechanisms to verify the identity of the entities with whom we interact.

Protecting critical infrastructure with IP surveillance
October 2013, Axis Communications SA

A system that permits supervision of all processes, video surveillance, intrusion protection and access control from remote sites, several locations and if needed into one centrally located control room.

Opening the door to global standards in access control
October 2013

Profile C will provide common language enabling a system that allows IP door controllers to browse devices, creating a list of types of readers and connections, and subscribe to card reader and door controller events.

NFC works well with biometrics
October 2013, HID Global

These days, more biometric templates are being carried inside an NFC-enabled smart phone along with other digital ID credentials for physical and logical access control.

Cost effective access control system for residential estate
October 2013, Keep Access Control Systems

The system from Comb Communications allows the security staff and residents at the complex to see who has provided access to visitors in a complete report that includes duration, times and the unit number.

Securing the island of Eden
October 2013, Powell Tronics

EIDC was appointed by the VMA to install, amongst other things, the access control solution for the Eden Island Residential Estate.

Integrated estate access
October 2013, Impro Technologies

Impro Technologies optimised an automated access control solution for all entering and exiting through the six entrances of the two estates.

Speedy access to luxury
October 2013, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

The visitor management and processing system comprises an Impro IXP400i system with customised visitor management back-end system as well as 22 Sagem MA500 biometric fingerprint readers and 16 Impro keypads attached to Impro iTRT controllers.

Safe banking in Ghana
October 2013, Turnstar Systems

African bank turns to Turnstar for security and easy flow of customers. The Turnstar Man-Trap security booths have been installed at the main entrances to the bank’s key branches.

Auckland Airport chooses AC2000
October 2013, Tyco Security Products

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, has announced it has been awarded the contract to secure Auckland Airport. The CEM AC2000 security management system will be installed to ensure the highest level of security.

Anglo American Platinum grants VIP access with facial biometrics
October 2013

Facial biometric project makes the grade at Anglo head office in Johannesburg. The solution secures the environment by ensuring that only authorised personnel are allowed in a particular area.

Controlling access at UAE’s second largest mall
October 2013, Turnstar Systems

The harsh climatic conditions including constant salty sea spray and dust from the physical construction work, coupled with the rough handling by the workers, meant that the initial turnstiles, supplied by a Far East manufacturer, failed to perform to specification.

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