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Access Control & Identity Management

Manageable identity
April 2012

Reality sees a growing businesses despondency with the perceived lack of business value being derived from deployed identity and access management solutions.

Airport access
April 2012

Changbei airport found that HID Global’s access control solution is easy to operate and maintain and has a low failure rate. The airport security has been significantly enhanced with multi-layered access level settings.

Going postal
April 2012

Earlier this year, Postbank, the South African Postal Service’s financial institution lost R42 million to a cybercrime syndicate.

70% saving on payroll admin
April 2012

ERS claims a 70% saving on administering payroll functions is possible when using ERS Biometric’s fingerprint time and attendance.

The identity conundrum
April 2012, Technews Publishing

There is currently a dangerous divide between identity management solutions and user authentication. The two issues have rarely been integrated and this has created a situation where advanced identity management solutions are reliant on outmoded user-authentication methods.

Your face is your password
April 2012

Scientists at IBM believe that passwords may be rendered obsolete sooner rather than later. They are developing new technology that will recognise our physical appearance to grant us access to our accounts.

Fingerprints are not perfect
April 2012, Uniclox Technologies

Fingerprints are one of the most common biometrics for automating time and attendance, but they are most suited to white-collar environments where people do not work with their hands.

Winning the war
April 2012

Security Battleground: An executive field manual gives CxO’s guidance and practical information about securing their organisations.

SMB access
February 2012

Access Control Technology launched an access control solution designed for small and medium enterprises

The future of physical access control
March 2012

Paradigm shift: smart phones carrying digital keys and portable identity credentials may render traditional keys obsolete.

Small business, big risk
February 2012, Information Security

Small businesses are not directly attacked as often as larger organisations, but small and midsize businesses are still falling prey to cyber attacks

CSIR develops new fingerprint technique
March 2012

The CSIR has enhanced fingerprint recognition techniques.

Single biometric sign-on
February 2012

Centralising enterprise credential management with biometrics

T&A in the cloud
March 2012

ANV has launched a cloud time and attendance software package.

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