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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory

Access Control & Identity Management

NEC focuses on security
August 2012

NEC demonstrated how governments and businesses can use biometrics technologies to safeguard lives and property.

Give digital the finger
August 2012, Technews Publishing

SuperSign is a biometric logon application that works with any biometric reader. The software streamlines the process of registering users and authorising application access and transactions via a fingerprint.

No more smoking in the boy's room
August 2012

Deslee Mattex increases productivity and decreases downtime with Trac-Tech system using Virdi AC3000 RF biometric time and attendance readers and two existing full-height single turnstiles.

Sticking it to NFC
August 2012

G&D has presented the first payment sticker to meet the specifications of the German banking industry. When the sticker is attached to a cell phone or smartphone, contactless payment becomes possible even if the device itself is not NFC-enabled.

Very sick indeed
August 2012, Ideco Biometrics, Healthcare (Industry)

Figures from the South African Medical Association showed that R150 of a member’s average contribution in 2002 went to combating fraud and covering the losses it causes. By 2010, this figure had risen to an estimated R400.

Reliable retail rollers
July 2012, Centurion Systems, Retail (Industry)

Warehouses often provide criminals with an easy access point into the heart of a business, with many of them employing the Trojan Horse approach of sending an unmarked truck to collect goods under the pretext of filling an order.

Visitor access made simple, and secure
July 2012

EasyLobby streamlines tenant control of visitor access for property ­management company.

Big savings for Tiger Brands
July 2012, Retail (Industry)

Since the grains division of Tiger Brands implemented a new security sealing system in October 2011, the company has seen a reduction in losses on damage stock returns.

Giving access a sporting chance
July 2012, Elvey Security Technologies

Home to a multi-million rand, state-of-the-art computer system as well as a host of other costly facilities, the new Nike World of Football centre in the heart of Soweto posed a serious challenge to secure.

CEM Systems secures Steria
July 2012, Tyco Security Products

Following successful company growth, Steria has recently expanded its AC2000 access control system to cover additional offices. Recent additions to the AC2000 system include the installation of additional CEM S610 readers, the introduction of PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) technology and additional software modules.

Protect your data with IAM
July 2012, Cyber Security

Prevent fraud, comply with POPI and protect your data inside and out with identity and access management.

Beyond conventional security
July 2012, Ideco Biometrics

In the current economic climate, there is clearly a need to strictly control costs and minimise exposure to risk. To achieve these two pressing objectives, many local organisations are leveraging the capabilities of biometric-based solutions to prevent the repetitive losses that are a direct consequence of unauthorised access and associated activity.

Biometric ATMs
July 2012

Lumidigm, working in consort with Itautec, an $800+ million Brazilian manufacturer/integrator of consumer electronics, banking and retail automation, is now deploying the first 12 000 units of a 33 000-unit ...

Electronic visitor management
July 2012, ATEC Systems & Technologies

ATEC Systems and Technologies (ATEC has launched the ATEC Book in a Box electronic visitor management system, comprising all the components, software and features required by customers to take full and sustainable control over visitor access management.

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