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Access Control & Identity Management

Selecting the right biometric technology for your needs
October 2012, Morpho South Africa

Biometrics can offer great convenience of use, increased security and accuracy, decrease in fraud, and great return on investment (ROI). However, each biometric has its pros and cons and one need to carefully select an adapted technology depending on the specific end-user needs.

The changing face of access control
October 2012, Tyco Security Products

Many experts predict that in a few short years, the effects of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model on the security industry will be just as transformative as it was on IT, as it rapidly gains acceptance among end users, dealers and integrators and manufacturers.

Identity in Africa, the mobile upwards
October 2012

In Africa, many more people are likely to reap the benefits of mobile telephony, in many more ways, than any other continent before. It may sound like a contradiction, but these are the facts. Today, a little over 500 million people on the continent, possibly constituting 60% of its population, have a personal mobile connection, in many cases their only institutionalised identification.

Xpanding access control
October 2012, Impro Technologies, Industrial (Industry)

Impro solves T&A and access control issues for security barrier manufacturer using the IXP400 access control system, Time Manager software and Morpho MA100 biometrics readers.

Electrical time and attendance in an integrated solution
October 2012, Industrial (Industry)

Time and attendance and integrated security system for a major electricity generator comprised smart card visitor management, time and attendance and access control including automatic door monitoring and fire roll call monitoring.

Taking IAM to the next level
October 2012

Today, decision-makers can be less concerned about whether technology works and more interested in how access control can be integrated into identity management systems for goals beyond the simple transaction of opening a door.

Biometrics Buyers' Guide 2013
October 2012, Technews Publishing

Regular readers will have seen the Hi-Tech Security Solutions Biometric Buyers’ Guide in various issues over the past few years. This year, we decided to include it in the Access and Identity Management ...

Local digital identity innovation
October 2012, Intervid-Africa

The recent Identity Indaba saw, among other presentations, the introduction of a new South African innovation in digital identity management. It is called GreenBox and it takes identity management to a new level.

Pepkor opts for turnstile access
October 2012, Turnstar Systems, Industrial (Industry)

Theft and time and attendance fraud had to be limited. However, the access control solution should not hinder the day-to-day operations of the warehouse, nor the flow of goods through the distribution centre.

Access Control Selection Guide 2013
October 2012, Technews Publishing

Once again, space is limited so the suppliers cannot go into detail, but readers will see what potential these devices have to be integrated into existing infrastructures as well as the integration services ...

Points to consider in selecting biometrics
October 2012

The landscape in access control is constantly changing with respect to the technologies, products, costs and end-user requirements. As South Africa becomes a more dangerous place, heightened security starts to make more sense.

A guide to access control and sustainabililty
October 2012

With sustainability and financial concerns high on the agenda of many businesses, it is important to understand the many ways in which an effective access control system can also help cut energy bills by both reducing energy wastage and improving an organisation’s environmental footprint.

High security access at nuclear site
October 2012, Gallagher, Government and Parastatal (Industry)

Security is layered throughout the organisation and is structured around various security grades of facilities. The Gallagher security integration platform (formerly Cardax FT) is the backbone of electronic access control and intruder alarms at ANSTO.

Access to mixed-use development
October 2012, Residential Estate (Industry)

Upmarket mixed use development at Melrose Arch benefits from high-tech access control system.

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