The ever-changing dynamics of risk management

1 June 2018 Conferences & Events, News

The South African chapter of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is hosting its annual conference in July in Johannesburg, titled The Ever-Changing Dynamics of Risk Management. The event will be held at Emperor’s Palace on 27 July 2018.

This year’s conference is supported by a number of sponsors, who each have solutions aimed at the logistics market.

Securitas will be show casing its integrated security solutions. These include:

RVS (remote video surveillance), a cost effective, remote video surveillance service that covers alarm verification, entry/ exit management, area protection, video patrolling and business intelligence applications. There will be a video feed showing how the RVS solution would work in an emergency, as well as a live link to the company’s RVS system at its office.

Securitas Vision is a guard tool developed to provide complete control over field operations. This tool enables greater visibility and efficiency, which is carried out by a streamlined and optimised organisational process. The tool is equipped to provide the required information in real time. Again the company will be demonstrating a live device.

ICS: DHL has been a customer of ICS for more than a decade. Over the years, ICS helped DHL manage its risks more effectively, across business divisions through the implementation of various tamper-indicative solutions.

DHL Global Forwarding SA brought a sensitive customer situation to ICS. ‘Out of season’ high-end, designer apparel needed to be returned to the Italian manufacturer. The reverse logistics chain involves cartons containing the garments and many hands along the chain. These cartons needed to be secured to prevent pilfering while in transit. ICS supplied an authenticated security packaging tape to DHL which, in its simplicity, gave the Italian supplier peace of mind that the goods were returned as expected and it boosted DHL’s image in the eyes of their customer for providing a cost effective solution which would help to identify the point of liability in the event of an incident.

Smartlock has developed a solution that is dedicated to the logistics industry. Its features serve the following four key user objectives:

The solution must provide the highest level of security to a vehicle while being flexible, but with complete control over the authorising of access to the cargo hold of the vehicle.

• The solution must increase the accountability of the individuals involved in the logistics chain and over the cargo being transported by means of a permanent audit trail of all locking events and a geographic view of the status of the complete fleet of locks.

• The use of the solution must result in reduced cargo risk and improved productivity of logistic resources.

• The solution must be reliable and user friendly and users must able to integrate it seamlessly with existing IT-based scheduling systems and other telemetric, tracking and monitoring systems.

The Smartlock Logistics Solution is focused on the transportation and secure delivery of high valued goods market with a solution that caters for closed truck bodies and armoured vehicles.

StratTech empowers clients with intelligent technology solutions for managing the risks they are exposed to every day. Its solutions cater to a broad spectrum of personal and business risks and are focused on keeping people and assets safe. Some products include:

Emergency security when you are in need, in the form of iProTech, TrackBox.

• Surveillance security technology that will warn you before a crime can take place through cameras with built-in artificial intelligence, drones and CCTV cameras.

• Security solutions that will disrupt and discourage criminal from committing a crime: Synthetic DNA.

• Security solutions that will help to locate, detain and prosecute criminals when a crime was committed: iProTech, drones.

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