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The start of 2017 sees the introduction of a new range of surveillance products and solutions into South Africa.

The Kedacom brand is well known in the East where it is a favourite with law enforcement, emergency services and public security sectors. The police in China and Singapore are users, as are emergency services in multiple provinces in South Korea, for example.

While the Kedacom range has a variety of products available, business development manager, Gino de Oliviera says the company focuses on delivering integrated solutions to a host of verticals. These include the mobile, portable, commercial, prisons, hospitals, traffic and safe city markets.

When it comes to mobile solutions, Kedacom has a full solution for service vehicles, from police or emergency and public security, through to public transport and logistics customers. The vehicle-mounted products are shockproof, easy to install and IP66 rated, meaning they are water and dust resistant.

A 360-degree PTZ camera has a magnetic base, for example, and is secured to a vehicle via five magnets and provides a clear image at speeds of up to 80 kmph. It also sports a 60 m embedded infrared (IR) capability and an eight-hour battery life. With Wi-Fi built in, the system is simple to install and use, and data collected is transferred to the central command centre seamlessly when the vehicle is in Wi-Fi range (unless cellular connectivity is used). The PTZ delivers 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second (fps).

A second 360-degree PTZ is roof mounted and provides 20X or 33X optical zoom capability (depending on the model chosen). It offers IR illumination of up to 200 metres at night and is IP66 rated. This PTZ also delivers 1080P resolution at 30 frames per second. Additional cameras have and are being designed for in-vehicle surveillance.

Kedacom also makes its own modular in-vehicle network video recorders (NVRs) which are also shock proof and can support up to 4 TB in solid-state drives (SSD) or traditional 2.5-inch hard drives. The NVRs can provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) power to the cameras and support Wi-Fi to upload data to the central server when in range. They can also be equipped with two 3G or 4G SIM card slots.

A tablet computer or Control Pad is also available to allow the occupants to control the cameras while on the road for extended mobile functionality.

Portable solutions

Kedacom also develops body-worn solutions. These range from the body-worn camera, ear-hook and button cameras, through to body-worn devices such as the body-worn surveillance phone along with the required accessories. The cameras can be linked to a central command and control centre via 3G /4G or Wi-Fi wireless networks.

Kedacom has included a removable battery, GPS tracking and an SD card slot for storage with 32 GB standard, expandable to 128 GB. Two-way audio is enabled for communications between the user and his/her peers and the command and control centre.

The body-worn cameras have a smart docking station available from where the device can be charged and onboard data transmitted to Central Management Server (CMS) at the control centre. If required, each user can be issued with a PIN, which is entered into the device to either release the device at the start of a shift, or book it back in at the end of the shift. The docking station has three hard drive slots which support up to 6 TB per slot.

Recognitive technology

Kedacom also offers a range of IP cameras and storage with a host of analytical applications under its Recognitive branding, as well as its own command and control software for managing surveillance operations using a computer connected to the video management system (VMS).

The Recognitive technology can distinguish between people and cars and determine their key characteristics such as colour, speed and direction of movement. The details can be live viewed or archived for further analysis. For example, operating admin can take a snapshot of a person and track his or her activities in real time, or search it from stored video. Facial recognition technology is also available, but is currently undergoing testing for South African conditions.

Kedacom also offers a video synopsis application which condenses the video footage of hours or days into a few minutes. Within the synopsis, users can specify parameters to include in the condensed footage, such as cars, bicycles or people only, as well as specifying direction and colour as well.


In the commercial range, Kedacom offers a range of IP cameras and NVRs, as well as 11 analytics applications that run on the edge, in other words, on the camera. The analytics include Guard Line (line crossing), Area Enter/Exit, Tampering, Defocus, Scene Change, Object Left/Removed, Motion Detection, Gathering (crowds gathering) and Audio Surge (changes in the audio levels).

Of particular interest in this range of cameras are the laser PTZs (using a laser beam instead of IR lights). One model provides for clear images at 2 km in the day and 1 km at night. The laser technology allows users to observe objects after dark at this distance. A larger PTZ offers the same quality, but can deliver images at 10 km in the day and 5 km at night with 60X optical zoom. Kedacom’s Starlight technology allows colour pictures to be viewed in conditions close to near total darkness.

The systems are ONVIF compliant and integration into Milestone, NUUO, Genetec and Geutebrück is in progress to allow companies to retain their existing surveillance products when using Kedacom technology.

The VMS supports full RAID storage as well as the KFS file system for more efficient storage of video. It also offers redundancy and automated failover solutions. Kedacom also offers storage solutions, such as its IP SAN storage area network that integrates seamlessly with the company’s VMS and can even be used as a slave if required. The top-tier hardware NVRs can handle up to 5000 channels, while the software NVRs can handle up to 500 000 channels.

Kedacom also provides an SDK for Linux, Windows, Android and iOS. When purchasing the company’s products, customers pay a once-off licence fee with no renewals. Any firmware upgrades are also provided on a complementary basis. Kedacom will begin shipments to South Africa in 2017 and will have a stock holding in the country. De Oliviera says a demonstration area will also be opening in Fourways where customers will be able to see the various solutions in action.

As of January 2017, the product will be distributed by ADI Global, Elvey Security, EuroByte Technologies and PinnSec.

For more information, contact Gino de Oliviera, Forbatt SA, +27 (0)11 469 3598, [email protected]

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