AI enables security solutions to define business strategies

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It is no secret that artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on our world. Every business function and every business vertical has been, and is influenced by it, including the security industry. The latter is, in fact, one of the areas in which AI can play a pivotal role in the detection, prevention, and prosecution of crimes.

There is more to AI than meets the eye. While allowing technologies to do exactly what they should do with even more efficiency and precision, AI is also empowering these same technologies to break through their traditional boundaries and create an ecosystem where one interface delivers outcomes across highly segmented verticals.

“CCTV started as a means of crime prevention (think Big Brother is watching you) and, to a lesser degree, prosecution,” explains Regal Security’s Head of Product Management, Michael Collier. As the technology has advanced over time to encompass high definition, full-colour imagery, IR, Wi-Fi integration, and more, it has become a means of detecting the propensity for crime before it happens.

“Now, with the addition of highly effective algorithms and AI, CCTV data can be used to help make better-informed strategic business decisions that speak directly to bottom lines and profit margins.”

Hikvision, one of the world’s leading surveillance product suppliers, is at the coalface of human and vehicle detection and object classification via CCTV hardware and software. Its drive to develop even more efficient technologies has seen it create and integrate technologies that can provide data to other applications, such as business intelligence.

“One of the best examples of this is in the retail space,” adds Collier. “The Hikvision business intelligence module uses heat mapping, people counting and queue management technologies. The data is downloaded, stored, consolidated and displayed in easy-to-interpret formats. Decision-makers can then analyse this information to implement strategies that directly target the outcomes of the data. This could include opening more cashier points, improving marketing tactics, refining floor layouts and product choices based on heatmap data, or even targeting new and returning customers. In short, AI can drive profitability, limit costs and improve business practices in the retail space,” says Collier.

Another field where surveillance AI is breaking barriers is health and safety, where adherence to policies can mean the difference between life and death, especially in places where monitoring staff could be thin on the ground.

“Hikvision’s technology can be programmed to detect items such as hard hats, thereby determining whether PPE policies are being followed. The industrial and mining sectors can use these notifications to implement more stringent policies, take action against employees who have perhaps forgotten to put on their PPE and ensure they, as a company, are within the guidelines and protocols of the Department of Labour.”

Using similar technologies, Hikvision can also help the transport sector with mobile devices. Combined with the standard video, GPS with geofencing and routing, and on-board panic buttons, the technology can now monitor driver behaviour for non-compliance. The technology can pick up on fatigue, mobile phone use and the detection of smoking while driving, all of which could have a detrimental effect on the driver. This technology is ideal for fleet managers and logistics companies needing to ensure their drivers are always awake, aware and compliant.

“Another development in the security industry is Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), as offered by one of Regal’s newest partners, Lytehouse,” adds Collier. Lytehouse’s advanced technologies, coupled with AI, expand on the type of data a CCTV system can deliver, filtering into both process management and workflow optimisation.”

With the Lytehouse VSaaS, the future is here as factory floor managers, exco members and directors can have immediate sight and implementation of strategies for the following:

Quality control: Real-time video analytics can detect defects or inconsistencies in the production line. Manufacturers can implement immediate corrective actions, reduce waste, ensure high product quality, and save money.

Inventory management: VSaaS can provide real-time visibility into inventory levels, allowing manufacturers to optimise stock levels and reduce inventory holding costs.

Process adherence: VSaaS can monitor and analyse employee activity to ensure adherence to standard operating procedures. This helps maintain consistent quality and efficiency in the production process.

Equipment monitoring: By integrating VSaaS with IoT sensors, factories can remotely monitor the condition of machinery and equipment. This enables predictive maintenance, preventing costly breakdowns and minimising downtime.

Supply chain optimisation: VSaaS can track the movement of goods within the factory, providing valuable insights into supply chain efficiency. This allows manufacturers to identify bottlenecks and optimise logistics for faster and more cost-effective delivery.

Energy Management: By analysing video data, VSaaS can identify areas of energy wastage in the factory and suggest energy-saving measures.

In conclusion, integrating AI into security solutions reshapes business strategies across various industries, transcends traditional boundaries, and drives innovation. By leveraging advanced technologies from leading providers such as Hikvision, Lytehouse and more, organisations can harness surveillance data to optimise operations, enhance safety protocols, and drive sustainable growth.

From retail analytics to health and safety compliance, AI-powered surveillance systems offer invaluable insights which enable proactive decision-making and strategic planning. As we continue to embrace the transformative potential of AI, businesses stand poised to unlock new opportunities and achieve greater efficiency, profitability, and competitiveness in an ever-evolving landscape.


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