Suprema’s new BioStation 3

Issue 8 2022 Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions

The brand new BioStation 3 is not only Suprema’s smallest face recognition device to date, but it also comes packed with the largest variety of features.

BioStation 3’s NPU-optimised AI algorithm offers the highest standards in facial recognition accuracy and speed, enabling non-stop pass-through with rapid face recognition of moving faces in high-traffic areas.

Using dynamic face templates, matching performance remains constant regardless of whether faces are wearing masks, glasses, hats, beards, different hairstyles, etc., while still protecting against fake faces, images and photos, and thereby safeguarding against spoofing.

In addition to facial recognition, BioStation 3 offers a variety of contactless access methods including mobile access, QR code, barcode and RFID card.

Another feature that makes access control easy on BioStation 3 is the VoIP intercom and RTSP-based (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) video monitoring feature which allows you to manage visitor access anytime and anywhere. The VoIP intercom enables seamless communication with all doors, and real-time video monitoring boosts security, ensuring that all access points are always in control.

It is easy to install and scale in any environment, from small offices to massive enterprise buildings, and with IP65 and IK06 ratings, BioStation 3 can be used both indoors and outdoors. POE+ allows connection with both Internet and a power supply using a single wire, while Wi-Fi enables wireless Internet connection for communication with BioStar 2, and it is simple to add on new features via a custom USB host for increased extensibility.

BioStation 3 is ISO/IEC 27001 certified to protect privacy and biometric data. It is purpose-designed to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), one of the strictest privacy regulations, and comes embedded with Secure Element (SE) to prevent cyberattacks.

Further to this, Suprema’s exclusive authentication method, ‘Face Template on Mobile’, lets users enrol onto an access control system and store their face profile directly on their own mobile devices. This gives the user complete control over their own ID and their privacy, because their biometric data is not stored in any company database.


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