Gijima and Cattron to deliver intelligent solutions

Issue 4 2021 Industrial (Industry), News, Integrated Solutions

South African ICT provider, Gijima, has entered into a partnership agreement with Cattron, a provider of high-performance, intelligent control solutions. The agreement makes Gijima the only South Africa partner of the US-based company. The alliance was cemented at a time where Gijima is on a quest to expand its horizons as part of its Vision 2025-2030 strategy. As part of the vision, the company is looking at strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Rudi Taljaard.

Cattron is a provider of high-performance, intelligent control solutions that connect devices, control equipment and protect assets in a variety of markets and applications around the world. Since 1946, Cattron has designed, manufactured and supplied controls that are recognised and respected in both the rail and industrial markets. Cattron solutions include radio remote control systems for standard and complex applications, as well as telemetry, remote monitoring and data analytics products that optimise operations and business processes.

Gijima will benefit from the partnership by being able to supply products for clients in various markets, including the material handling, rail operations, equipment rental operators, engines, motors and generators, mobile equipment, industrial automation, mining, as well as oil and gas.

Rudi Taljaard, enterprise business architect for Smart Security & IoT at Gijima, said, “The partnership with Cattron will position Gijima as a technology market leader in this industry.”

Gijima aims to extend its offerings and capture a large segment of the developing economies of South Africa and the rest of Africa by bringing Cattron offerings such as:

Locomotive remote-control systems. Cattron’s locomotive remote-control systems are used across a variety of rail operations including FRA-fegulated and non-FRA-regulated operations in the Americas and railroad operations throughout EMEA and Oceania. Its solutions use a sophisticated computer-based system that allows yard operators to control driverless, switching locomotives using a battery-operated portable operator control unit. Cattron offers various speed control options giving operators complete control over the train speed and safety features such as pitch and catch, tilt detection and more.

Industrial wireless remote-control systems. Remtron is a proven line of durable, high-value industrial wireless remote-control systems available in either a standard or custom configuration. The quality and durability of Remtron speaks for itself, with many systems still in use for five, 10, or more years.

The product benefits include:

• Global licenced and unlicenced frequencies.

• Diagnostic data collection.

• Customisable switch layout.

• Closed box wireless configuration.

• RFID security and rapid configuration.

• PL-d safety level.

A series of standard, pushbutton remote-control systems that offer global compliance, safety, reliability and modern technology in a premium but economical design. S-Series wireless remote-control systems are designed for the control of equipment and machinery, such as overhead cranes, in the material handling and mobile equipment markets.

The product benefits include:

• Standard handheld, pushbutton remote control system.

• Premium design in an economical package.

• Simple pushbutton pairing of OCU and MCU.

• Operating range up to 500 feet.

• Closed box wireless configuration.

• PL-d safety level.

CattronControl is a comprehensive line of industrial wireless remote-control systems. Products range from the compact convenience of standard, handheld pushbutton controllers through to the full-sized, standard and engineered-to-order belly box controllers that allow for any combination of switches, paddles and joysticks. Frequencies are available for worldwide deployment making CattronControl the ideal remote-control solution for global industrial applications.

Safety systems. Workplace injuries translate into thousands of lost production hours, equipment damage and increased scrap costs every year. Cattron offers powerful wireless stop solutions to enhance safety and productivity to help minimise these impacts and do more for your workers and their productivity.

Summing up the partnership and it’s benefits to the local market, Stefan Schwiers, EMEA sales director at Cattron said, “Cattron offers intelligent solutions that connect devices, control equipment and protect assets around the world. We are excited about this partnership with Gijima, where I believe we can expand and accelerate growth into the SA market with our products and offerings. I am enthusiastic about our future as we expand into new verticals together.”


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