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Issue 4 2021 Access Control & Identity Management

Workable Cowork Nairobi is located in the Grade A Sanlam Tower in Westlands along Waiyaki Way in Nairobi, Kenya. Designed to make the office experience exceptional, the company has created a co-working space that supports collaboration, sustains focus and sparks inspiration.

Workable is focused on safety, convenience and efficiency in order to allow its customers to focus on their business. Mundane, day-to-day tasks are handled by Workable to relieve the pressure on companies striving for growth in a challenging economy. “We believe that, if we create the best place to work and meet for our members, then they will have great productivity for their business,” says Workable’s Maureen Kariuki.

Workable’s new co-working location needed a secure access solution to protect its members, staff and assets. “We needed a solution to manage visitors and improve on the security of the building, but with the flexibility to manage the system remotely,” adds Kariuki.

In the past, the company relied on mechanical keys, but this was not an option anymore. It needed better visibility and management and a solution that lowered the cost of the access control solution itself as well as the people required to manage it.

Kariuki noted: “SALTO Systems came highly recommended with its flexible cloud-based offering. The system offers normal key card use, ability to track the use of space, remote access and smart access via mobile devices.”

Workable’s security partner, Veritech, recommended SALTO KS after doing several installations with the solution at other sites. SALTO KS offered a complete cloud solution attending to the company’s daily access control requirements. It allows the receptionist to issue access control permissions to staff and visitors, meaning there is no need for IT departments to run complex access control systems.

Overall, serving 250&nbs;users, 45 SALTO access points (a mix of wireless locks and wired controllers) were installed, along with 18 SALTO IQs to ensure connectivity. Another benefit Salto provides is that its solutions can be fitted to existing doors, reducing the costs of installation.

“SALTO KS is one of the most versatile cloud access control systems on the market today, offering ease-of-use and a wide range of products that work together seamlessly,” states Jack Okuku, CEO of Veritech.

Having installed the SALTO KS solution, Workable’s members and staff have more flexibility in terms of access to the workspace outside working hours (secure, 24-hour access is now possible). The solution is easy to use and management has full visibility of the property from anywhere, offering full transparency over users and their access rights.

“We are able to monitor movement of staff and members from the dashboard or even a mobile device. We can also ensure that specific teams can only open specific doors with mobile access keys or cards,” says Kariuki.


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