Fence vibration sensors

Issue 9 2020 Products

The Liminal-K vibration sensor is an in-house development of A-1 Fence. It is an active intrusion detection device that detects vibrations on different types of fences with high accuracy. These fences include ‘Clear View’ mesh, steel palisade, concrete palisade and precast walling. The unique design has the sensors fitted to the posts and pillars to ensure low to no nuisance alarms.

The installation is simple and quick and there is no maintenance needed on the system, so no additional costs for clients. The system is rated IP67 with strong, durable cables, potted electronics, and built-in surge protection.

The supplied software is easy to navigate and set up with a live map to show detections and that the sensors are working. Any number of sensors can be added into a zone to give you an accurate detection rate of within 3 m. When an alarm is initiated, the zone with that sensor will be highlighted so the actual sensor can be identified.

The integration into a CCTV system to view or record is easy enough, along with triggering lights, setting a siren off and linking to an alarm system.

Most companies secure their property with wall-top electric fencing, leaving their fence as the new weak spot. With a bit of time and an out-of-the-way area, the would-be thief can easily cut, break, jack or saw through most types of fences.

The need for a ‘smart fence ‘is the future and this as where A-1 Fence SA, a manufacturer and supplier of fencing to the trade, believes that fences need to be ‘smart’.

For more information contact A-1 Fence, +27 31 942 3853, sales@a1fenceproducts.co.za, www.a-1fenceproducts.co.za


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