DIY solution to early-warning, wireless, outdoor security

Issue 9 2020 Products

Having identified the need for a more cost effective and easy-to-install DIY solution for an early warning security system for the homeowner/end user, Roboguard has created the new Askari range. The Askari Scout and Spy obscure outdoor detectors with their double beam passive infrared sensors, detect changes in light, heat, and movement, and alert the user to intruders without their knowledge. The double beam is designed to pick up human intruders but minimises false alarms such as those caused by pets, birds, etc.

The fan of 11 beams, each detecting up to 15 metres at a radius of 108°, gives many possibilities and results in Askari being a powerful DIY early warning system. With a battery life expectancy of 2-3 years and the detector able to be placed 400 metres line-of-sight away from the receiver, it is the market leader in its field.

The spread spectrum transmission technology makes it difficult to detect, intercept or demodulate when incorporated with the range of Askari receivers. The Askari Scout and Spy sensors have special ultraviolet-proof, patented lenses (poly IR6) which are guaranteed for 10 years of unimpaired function.

The longstanding partnership with Stafix Security Centres as the sole distributor nationally and internationally, brings together the shared vision of safety and security through reliable, cost effective, early warning outdoor security, puts the users back in control and allows them to be forewarned and forearmed.


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