JVA Cloud Router

Issue 9 2020 Products

The JVA Cloud Router provides a portal to route communications between the administrators and owners of security electric fences and their devices in the field. Devices are linked to the Cloud Router via Nimbus gateways (GSM, LAN and Wi-Fi). Administrators ‘claim’ their gateways using a unique code and from there gather the attached devices into a ‘site’. Devices attached to the gateway can then be monitored and controlled.

Real-time notifications are possible by getting email and SMS notifications as and when they happen. Site sharing with others is an option with granular permissions that you can control. This means you can grant different permissions to different people for different devices. The event log enables a user to see what happened, when, and who authorised it. The overview page shows you the overall armed state of your site and whether there are any active alarms. Whether you are out and about on your mobile phone or sitting in front of your desktop PC, you can interact with the new cleaner user interface (UI). The Cloud Router UI is easy to use and displays the information you need when you need it.

You can try the JVA Cloud Router now. Simply log into our demo site at https://cloudrouter.pakton.net/. The credentials are: Email: cloud@pakton.com.au, and Password: cloud1234. Select the Brisbane Office Display Site. You can arm and disarm each of the zones on the JVA Z28 energiser. The second relay output on the gateway is configured to add a heavy load to Zone 2; if you switch it on it will reduce the Z28 voltage and put it into alarm mode.


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