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Fire detection for warehouses
September 2017, Editor's Choice, Fire & Safety, Associations
Following a recent major fire in a Durban warehouse, we deem it necessary to discuss ways in which warehouses need to be protected against fire.

Commissioning of a fire suppression system
July 2017, Editor's Choice, Fire & Safety, Associations
The person responsible for commissioning a gaseous fire suppression system will have to go through several key points to ensure the system satisfies the requirements of the relevant standards.

Fire detection systems for multi-storey buildings
June 2017, Fire & Safety
High-rise buildings have specific requirements for fire safety, which can mean the difference between life and death.

Who maintains your fire detection system?
May 2017, Associations, Fire & Safety
A fire alarm system that is not regularly serviced and maintained will eventually cease to function. This could result in loss of life or huge fire damage costs for your company. Who is responsible?

Commissioning of a fire detection system
April 2017, Associations, Fire & Safety
When an installation has been completed by a competent installer, the next step is commissioning.

FDIA membership
February 2017, Associations, Fire & Safety
The FDIA was formed in 1999, to provide guidelines and self-regulation in the industry for companies in the field of the installation of fire detection and suppression systems.

Automatic gaseous fire suppression systems
November 2016, Associations, Fire & Safety
Automatic gaseous fire suppression systems are installed to suppress fires either automatically or manually. These systems are installed in server rooms, archive rooms, MCC rooms, telecoms environments etc.

Cabling for fire alarm systems
August 2016, Editor's Choice, Fire & Safety, Associations
Fire alarm cables are designed to operate during the fire condition and not to fail in the event of high temperatures imposed on them.

FDIA conducts cable tests
July 2016, Editor's Choice, Fire & Safety
The FDIA conducted tests on the cables claiming compliance with EN50200. EN 50200 provides the test requirements to ensure PH30 cables remain operational in fire conditions for 30 minutes or more.

Audible and visual alarms in gas areas
June 2016, Fire & Safety, Associations
Various national standards are used in the gas suppression industry, each standard has a section on the use of audible and visual alarms.

Fire detector types and selection
May 2016, Editor's Choice, Fire & Safety, Associations
There are various types of detectors available for fire detection system designers and each type is suitable for a particular use. Charles Thiongo from the FDIA elaborates.

Audible and visual alarms
April 2016, Associations, Fire & Safety
The selection and location of audible and visual alarms in an installation is a key factor in design as it ensures that the alarms will be heard or seen by all in the affected areas.


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