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Guestro Casting and Machining ­automates T&A
February 2016, Access Control & Identity Management
Careful management of time and attendance, productivity, keeping track of annual leave and sick leave is key to guarding the bottom line.

Hygienic access control
August 2015, Healthcare (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management
Hospital hygiene is key when choosing a fool-proof time and secure access system.

Uniclox offers tailor-made solutions
July 2015, Entertainment and Hospitality (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management
At the Hotelier Summit Africa held in Morocco and attended by Uniclox, the company had the opportunity to present its solutions to hotel procurement personnel and hotel developers in northern and eastern Africa.

Uniclox and Bodet announce partnership
June 2015, News, Access Control & Identity Management
Uniclox Technologies and global time and attendance company Bodet Software have announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement for southern Africa.

Taking time out with T&A
October 2014, Accsys, Eco Time , Access Control & Identity Management
While companies like to think of the most complex uses for technology, sometimes the simplest solutions deliver the best results. Time & Attendance (T&A) is one of those solutions.

Managing employee absenteeism
August 2014, Access Control & Identity Management
Uniclox Technologies offers advice on reducing absenteeism: have clear policies, track time accurately, and automate.

Hygienic, contactless verification
March 2014, Access Control & Identity Management
Uniclox facial recognition terminals have specialised dual camera sensors that easily handle low lighting conditions. The two infrared cameras perform three dimensional facial analysis, providing the faster and more reliable verification.

Selling biometrics to your employees
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2014, Access Control & Identity Management
In some cases, companies implementing biometrics will initially receive employee resistance with the issues of privacy and hygiene taking centre stage. This will invariably be the case if a union is involved and looking for negotiating points.

Hands-on attendance
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2013, Products
While fingerprint terminals are popular in commercial applications, many industrial companies find that hand geometry is faster and more consistent because it is unaffected by dirt, paint, oil or damage to the fingertips.

Audit and control access to high risk areas
June 2012, Products
Uniclox Technologies’ Uni110 Access Control kit – a complete solution for a single door – will be available at IFSEC 2012 for under R5000.

Fingerprints are not perfect
April 2012, Access Control & Identity Management
Fingerprints are one of the most common biometrics for automating time and attendance, but they are most suited to white-collar environments where people do not work with their hands.

Biometric bus
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2012, Access Control & Identity Management, Education (Industry)
King David’s Henk du Preez performs biometric roll call on the school bus. One of Johannesburg’s leading schools has installed sophisticated biometric security in its fleet of school buses to ensure ...


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