Biometrics Selection Guide

November 2015 Biometrics Selection Guide

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Biometric Technology: Facial

Manufacturer/Brand name: ZKTeco

Distributor/Supplier: Regal Distributors SA

Device: LK188-5 / BioCAM300

Description: The BioCam 300 represents the first step in the true convergence of HD IP video surveillance, IP access control, time and attendance with embedded long-distance facial recognition, and a Public View Monitor incorporated into a single affordable standalone product. It defines an exciting new approach to blending technology, software and hardware.

Application:* Standalone access control, 400 faces, 400 cards, 100 000 offline transactions, TCP/IP communication.

Integration support:* ONVIF, ZKAccess 3.5, Wiegand output for third party ACPs.

Contact: Andrew Levell-Smith

Tel: +27 (0)11 553 3300

Biometric Technology: Facial

Manufacturer/Brand name: Suprema

Distributor/Supplier: neaMetrics

Device: FaceStation

Description: Using Suprema’s proprietary algorithms and state-of-the-art hardware, this face recognition terminal provides near real-time template matching (1:1000 <1 sec, 10 000 [1:1]). It features live face detection, wide 4,3” touchscreen, dual-CPU, Mifare/Desfire RFID support, videophone interface and embedded web server. Maximum users: 10 000 (1:1), 1000 (1:N).

Application:* Access control, time and attendance, building management systems, CCTV and VMS integration, home, office and production automation.

Integration support:* Developer API, software development integration support, open platform Wiegand, RS-485, integrated door control, integrated with major access control manufacturers.

Contact: Suprema Team

Tel: +27 (0)11 784 3952

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