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Advances in biometric access control have produced an unprecedented level of accuracy that was unheard of only a few years ago. Take for example, facial recognition; the 2D technology used to achieve authentication through facial features had a lot of weak points, such as lighting conditions and facial expressions, among many others. Fast forward just a few years and now we have companies like Bioscrypt offering its 3D FastPass product, which functions by projecting an invisible near-infrared light pattern on a user’s face.

A camera takes a picture of the resulting distortions in the pattern caused by the facial surface. The precise 3D geometry of the face is calculated, with over 40 000 points and the unique facial features are extracted and stored as a small template. That template is then matched against the original enrolled template stored on the 3D FastPass and because the 3D camera captures multiple 3D images in real-time, the speed of authentication takes less than one second.

The 3D FastPass keeps corporate assets and restricted areas secure from unauthorised access while quickly granting entrance to personnel. In addition, when the device is deployed with turnstiles or mantraps, you can ensure that only one employee enters at a time, eliminating tailgating.

By incorporating a biometric access control device such as the 3D FastPass into your access control system, you can ensure that employees do not exchange access control cards or fail to report them when they go missing. In other words, you can potentially reduce administrative and human resource costs, while quickly providing employees access to restricted areas. It is as simple as a quick glance or a turn of a head. With the 3D FastPass, enterprises can potentially reduce the use of security staff at main entrances and redeploy these resources to address other security priorities, since the device was designed for high traffic areas by providing touchless authentication in less than one second.

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