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Access & Identity Management Handbook 2011 Access Control & Identity Management

Compare the first Access Control Handbook and this version of the Access & Identity Management Handbook and you cannot help but notice how far the industry has evolved over the years. Not only has technology changed and advanced rapidly, but the identity aspect has and is causing consternation in many industries and in companies of all sizes.

As you will read in our identity management round-table 'A can of identity worms', identity means different things to different people at different times. It is really a mishmash of ideas and best practices at the moment.

We have tried to extract a few opinions and trends from industry leaders, as well as a white paper or two to provide our readers with a good overview of identity management. Our goal is to empower our readers to make the better decisions in the real world.

Of course, it is not all about identity management as the principles of access control are still a critical function in all businesses and homes today. Whether it is card- or biometric-based access, technology is there to support and secure, and, whether we believe it or not, make it easier, quicker and more accurate to manage the flow of people and information.

The practical side of things is covered in the second part of the Access & Identity Management Handbook 2011 with a variety of case studies. These articles reflect what has been accomplished in various industries by a selection of vendors and service providers. From ensuring poor kids get a meal, through to keeping mines and even countries secure, we have got it all.

Whether you approach access and identity management from a strategic top down or more practical bottom up approach, we hope the Access & Identity Management Handbook 2011 will point you in the right direction and, at the very least, help you to ask the right questions for your specific situation. I hope you enjoy and find value in this year’s handbook, and, as always, your comments, criticisms and opinions on what we need to cover in the next handbook are welcome.

Andrew Seldon, editor


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